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Turn emergencies into real highlights

Score with perfect customer service

Something that many people are not necessarily aware of: service organizations make a significant contribution to the customer satisfaction of a company or manufacturer. However, they are usually only active after the milk has already been spilled – which is simply in the nature of things. Although digital technologies such as the Internet of Things now enable preventive maintenance measures to increase planning reliability, the majority of service orders in customer service are unplanned emergencies. Customers do not always have the necessary expertise, particularly in the consumer sector. And so misunderstandings often arise when claims are made. As a result, scheduling service calls is a truly mammoth task: sending the appropriate service person to the site as quickly as possible, setting up optimal route planning, and then successfully fixing the issue with exactly the right spare parts on site during the first appointment. Good thing that there are digital service platforms!

Plan customer service calls perfectly

The better the preparation, the higher the first-time fix rate

The better prepared field staff are, the more likely they are to be able to fix the issue during the first appointment. Multiple trips due to a lack of spare parts or information are bad for business. They cost money and satisfy neither customers nor employees.

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With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer & Field Service, service organizations can automate scheduling, dispatching, and customer engagement in many areas – based on factors such as skills, routes, absences, vehicle equipment, spare parts delivery times, and service level agreements.

Such efficient processes provide significant cost savings while increasing customer satisfaction. This gives your employees more time for what really matters: genuine customer service.

The best part: even schedule changes due to appointment cancellations or illness bring far less stress and, above all, hardly any workload, because rescheduling can be done automatically.

With a digital service platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer & Field Service, service organizations can make a quantum leap.

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More planning reliability & customer satisfaction through predictive maintenance

Undoubtedly, almost every defect causes at least some significant disruption of operations and processes, if not a standstill. Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things and professional maintenance management can significantly reduce susceptibility to faults – and consistently strengthen customer loyalty. In addition, the resulting data provides valuable insights for improving product quality.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in customer service

Increase of the first-time fix rate

An optimal service preparation: assignment of service personnel with relevant skills (or preferred technicians), arranging a suitable vehicle with the necessary equipment and spare parts as well as remote support by experts.

Digital service platforms

Automation and information enrichment speed up processes and create transparency from incoming service requests to on-site operations and satisfaction surveys.

Optimized trip planning, GPS tracking, and online/offline apps

Lighten the field service load through optimal preparation, on-site support, and simplify tasks such as time recording and reporting.

Data analytics and predictive maintenance

IoT technologies increase resilience, reduce service calls, and provide valuable insights to improve product quality.

Integration of all communication channels

Proactive customer information via automated messages on processing status, appointments, and arrival times.

Bundling of competencies

No question about it: no one knows everything. But in a team, knowledge can be leveraged. In the preparation phase, teamwork is worth its weight in gold, because the better the field service is prepared with suitable equipment, spare parts, and documentation, the more likely it is that they will be able to complete the job successfully during the first appointment.

Support via video conference

If, despite optimal on-site preparation, further knowledge is still required, additional experts can be called in as required thanks to digital technologies. It is also easy to get a picture of the on-site situation yourself via video conferencing on your mobile device.

Simple document management

Plans, instructions, or best practices can also be delivered digitally by office staff during the appointment. The call report can also be digitally recorded, signed directly by the customer, and sent back to headquarters.

Automated processes

Even the call follow-up is digitally supported, for example by automatic invoicing and satisfaction surveys. This allows the team to immediately focus on the next service case.

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At home with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, specializing in Business Applications, as well as Digital and App Innovations (Azure). Additionally, we were once again appointed by Microsoft to the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle 2022/2023. Specifically, this means that we maintain a very close relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to bring additional expertise to the table when supporting our customers.

Service is our industry

Thanks to our experience as a service company and with client companies with service organizations, we have a wealth of best practices to share. With us, you will quickly master your first milestones and be able to celebrate success.

We are more than just an implementation partner:

Digital technologies and systems only develop their added value if they are deployed appropriately and used correctly. The prerequisite for this is a digital strategy, a tailor-made combination of digital solutions, and employee motivation. And we get them on board very quickly through training and mentoring. After all, no one has to get used to Microsoft anymore.

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