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People should want to stay – this is a sensible guiding principle for companies, and not only in times of a shortage of skilled workers. After all, new hires come with high costs: costs for recruiting, training, onboarding, getting used to working in the team, etc. But what exactly keeps employees in the company and optimally maintains their motivation? This is where the insights of modern psychology and organizational development help: autonomy, self-efficacy, and participation significantly contribute to psychological well-being and, thus, increase the chance of a long-term, engaged tenure in the company.

We know how challenging it can be to put these insights into practice in organizational development. After all, we have aligned our entire company accordingly. The exchange with like-minded people, pioneers in the field of New Work, and our partner company nevo helped us in this.

We have developed two complementary models that make us a robust and future-proof player in the IT services market: the employee-owned company construct and the Arineo model of cooperative organization. Together with our partner nevo, we are happy to pass on this knowledge to you – so that you can freely select the elements that will also advance your company.

Ensure succession.

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The Employee-Owned Company

We established Arineo as an employee-owned company so the company is not for sale and the capital generated remains in the company. The best part: thanks to this construct, we can operate in the  market as a conventional company without being subject to its disadvantages and risks, such as the risk of sale, capital outflow to investors or owners, etc. Instead, we tie the generated capital to the company, as would be possible with the proposed but not yet implemented legal form of the ‘GmbH mit gebundenem Vermögen’ (GmbH-gebV). The question of company ownership is also settled forever: Arineo GmbH is owned by a foundation whose governing bodies are always staffed by current company employees.

Advantages of an employee-owned company

Regulated ownership

The foundation model clarifies the question of ownership. An EOC can be run like a family business, even if no genetic family secures ownership.

Retention of capital in the company

Through the construct, 100% of the earnings remain in the company and can be invested for its benefit.


Employees need not fear redundancy or rigid cost-cutting measures designed to drive up the selling price.


Staff fluctuation is significantly lower and customers are pleased to have consistent contact persons and stability in their projects.

Your company in responsible ownership

Do you also want to secure the ownership of your company and ensure that the success of your company benefits the company itself? Then, with our knowledge, we will help you on your way to a new corporate structure. This may or may not be very close to our employee-owned company construct. Just take advantage of our experience and develop from it a model that suits your company!
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We love, teach, like IT

The best of theory and practice

Our partner nevo knows all the theories and models for sustainable organizational development; we test them daily in practice. Together we convey the best of both worlds.

Flexible and open-minded

We developed both the employee-owned company concept and the Arineo cooperative organization model ourselves because we did not find a blueprint on the market that was 100% suitable for us. Therefore, we are aware that even our model is not a universal solution. Instead, we accompany you with our wealth of experience on your individual path. It can be very close to ours, but it doesn’t have to be!

Proven and stable

With us, the employee-owned company model and Arineo’s cooperative organization model have passed the practical test. Legally, economically, humanely.

Attract & retain employees

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The Cooperative Organization

The Arineo model of cooperative organization is based on the fundamental principles of shared leadership and decision-making without classic hierarchies and was actively developed by our employees – in small workgroups over a period of two and a half years. The model makes our organization flexible and resilient: we can easily adapt our structures to changing conditions. Also, our role and decision-making model offers employees a very strong way to participate in shaping the company and their working environment. They can act autonomously and effectively, which, according to modern psychology, is an important element for psychological well-being. Our figures also bear this out: while a fluctuation in excess of 20 % is considered the norm in the IT industry, Arineo’s workforce remains very stable with a fluctuation of less than 4 %. This pays off in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

Low fluctuation

Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with the company – and be highly motivated.

High autonomy

In a cooperative organization, employees work in a highly autonomous manner.

Flexibility and resilience

The organization can respond quickly and efficiently to crisis situations.

Your company - managed cooperatively.

Would you also like to rethink your working environment far away from classic hierarchy and power structures? Then we would be happy to share our experience in the field of neural organizational development with you - with an open mind. Ultimately, we know from experience that models must always be adapted to the respective organization and culture.
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nevo - double power for your project

Our partner company nevo has been supporting companies for many years in exploring New Work concepts, testing agile project methodologies, and working in distributed teams. The nevo team knows exactly how transformation processes put organizations to the test – and how best to deal with them. An experienced team that operates with heart, mind, and hands!

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