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Get even more out of your Dynamics 365 with AI

Of course, in Microsoft Dynamics 365, all information about your company is available. The only problem is that finding the desired data is sometimes more time-consuming than expected. Therefore, our AI experts and our Dynamics 365 experts jointly developed a solution: Arineo.Dynamic GPT. Users can ask artificial intelligence questions via a simple interface. Artificial Intelligence responds in full sentences, based on the permissions stored in the questioner’s role. So someone with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales permissions would get answers based on data from these two applications. The highlight: in addition to the answer, Arineo.Dynamic GPT suggests actions to optimize the queried issue.

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Arineo.Dynamic GPT

Someone with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain ManagementMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Sales, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights permissions can ask Arineo.Dynamic GPT custom questions.

Use case example

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A question to the system might be:

What stock items have not been moved in the past six months?

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The system’s response could be:

No stock movements have been recorded for the following 11 items in the last six months:

Article 1, Article 2, … Article 11.

8 of them are low-priced small parts. Three of them are high-priced production items. The low-priced items could be written off via inventory. The high priced items could be offered to our customers with a 10% discount via an email campaign.

May I create the inventory journal? Should I draft a corresponding email?

  • Quick answers to complex questions in simple terms
  • Recommend smart actions for ongoing business optimization
  • Role-based response ensures that employees receive only the information to which they have access

Live demo

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More Information

Arineo Dynamic GPT short & compact

You are currently viewing a placeholder content from Youtube. To access the actual content, click the button below. Please note that doing so will share data with third-party providers.

More Information
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Arineo.Dynamic GPT - questions & answers about the business process

Harald Nagel and Christian Meyer


No, it won’t. Microsoft ensures that the data does not leave the company’s domain, neither for the queries nor for the results of the AI. Microsoft also assures that the data will not be used for training purposes by either OpenAI or Microsoft. This means that the data remains within the company and is not available to Microsoft or other companies.

We also asked ourselves this question during development. That’s why we built access authorization control into our Copilot. It is subject to the roles and permissions concept of the respective application in which the information is stored. If the salesperson is not authorized to access HR data, Arineo.Dynamic GPT doesn’t respond.

By this term we mean that any business application can be used as a source for answers – provided the person asking the question has the appropriate authorization. For example, sales employees have access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales, and the ERP through their work. This means that sales employees can ask questions based on the data entities from these three applications.

Basically, the action recommendation means that the AI not only provides an answer to the question but also interprets these answers. This allows it to derive recommendations for actions to be taken that are relevant in the context. For example, warehouse staff could ask about slow-moving items in the warehouse and the Copilot would not only display a list of items in response but also suggest writing off low-value small parts via an inventory or offering high-priced items via a discount campaign to a suitable customer segment. This is precisely why our solution is called Dynamic GPT; the overall concept is designed to be completely dynamic.

Arineo.Dynamic GPT

From theory to practice

Arineo.Dynamic GPT is the result of close collaboration between our AI and D365 teams. Originally, the experts were interested in penetrating the technology and application of Microsoft Copilot. They quickly realized: our idea is product-ready!

Data security

The users’ questions are answered based on the data they have access to with their role. This rules out the possibility of the artificial intelligence answering questions about salaries, for example, if the person asking the question does not have access to the HR module.


Arineo.Dynamic GPT gives promising courses of action based on the available data. If the suggested actions are carried out, the artificial intelligence also learns from them. In this way, the system constantly optimizes itself!

I am often asked why our artificial intelligence is called Arineo.Dynamic GPT – in the singular. That is quite simple: it is a dynamic AI. Baseically, it can be trained on any database.”

Harald Nagel

Prinicipal Consultant, Arineo GmbH

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We love, teach, like IT

AI is our DNA

Our core is the development of artificial intelligence. To this end, our experts repeatedly collaborate with university researchers. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding two of our current research projects on improving work processes through AI.

At home with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, specializing in Business Applications, as well as Digital and App Innovations (Azure). Additionally, we were once again appointed by Microsoft to the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle 2022/2023. Specifically, this means that we maintain a very close relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to bring additional expertise to the table when supporting our customers.

We focus on long-term relationships.

With our colleagues as well as with our business partners and customers. Thanks to our strong staff retention, we can ensure that you benefit from long-term support from the same contact persons. This has a positive effect on the quality of our services and on our whole business relationship.

Your request

Send us your inquiry, feedback, suggestion or other request conveniently via the form – we look forward to it!

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Michael Zielinski
Michael Zielinski
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