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A secure future: Employee Owned Company

Sustainable corporate management with vision

We established Arineo as an employee-owned company so the company is not for sale and the capital generated remains in the company. And we have achieved that! In 2024, the company will be transferred completely into the hands of the workforce.

We ensure the future viability and competitiveness of our company through a sophisticated corporate architecture, the essence of which is: Arineo GmbH belongs to a foundation that is controlled by the employees. In this way, they can keep the rudder in their hands without any grassroots democracy.

Thanks to this construct, we can operate on the market as a conventional company without being subject to its disadvantages and risks – a sale or outflow of capital to investors or owners is not possible. Instead, we tie the capital generated to the company. The question of ownership of the company has also been settled for the future: Arineo GmbH is owned by a foundation whose bodies are always made up of current employees of the company.

Advantages of the Employee Owned Company

Regulated ownership

The foundation model clarifies the question of ownership. The EOC can be run like a family business, even if no genetic family ensures ownership.

Retention of capital in the company

Through the construct, 100% of the earnings remain in the company and can be invested for its benefit.


Employees need not fear redundancy or rigid cost-cutting measures designed to drive up the selling price.


Staff fluctuation is significantly lower and customers are pleased to have consistent contact persons and stability in their projects.

Podcast Business Akupunktur mit Dierk Söllner und Dr. Marko Weinrich

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Employee Owned Company - An organizational model for the future?

Dierk Söllner and Dr. Marko Weinrich


Your company in responsible ownership

Do you also want to secure the ownership of your company and ensure that the success of your company benefits the company itself? Then, with our knowledge, we will help you on your way to a new corporate structure. This may or may not be very close to our employee-owned company construct. Just take advantage of our experience and develop from it a model that suits your company!


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