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Manage Microsoft Power Apps

Central Management and Use of all Power Apps

With Microsoft Power Apps, business processes can be digitized without extensive programming knowledge. According to Microsoft’s vision, so-called Citizen Developers – i.e., employees with a high level of technical expertise but little IT know-how – should increasingly contribute to the digitization of their company in the future. This is a path that many of our customers have already successfully taken – and noticed that the number of different Power Apps can become a challenge over time.

Our Power Apps team didn’t need to be told twice! In no time at all, our experts created the Power App Arineo App Launcher. It creates an overview of all Power Apps, workflows, and RPAs in the company and makes it easy to maintain and manage them centrally. Using the Power Apps is also a lot easier with the Arineo App Launcher: a clear dashboard shows employees only their authorized apps, sorted by use case. In this way, they can quickly and easily start the app they currently need.

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Orderliness in the Power Apps made easy

Arineo App Launcher

With the internationally available Power App Arineo App Launcher, IT can easily manage new apps and the corresponding usage rights.

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  • Always ready to use and intuitive
  • Integrated permissions management.
  • Responsive design.
  • Adaptations to corporate design are possible.
  • Fully integrates with Microsoft Teams.
  • Easy to use as an app from the Microsoft AppSource

Advantages at a glance

Easy to manage

New apps and the corresponding usage rights can be rolled out via a standard dialog.

Infinite users

Use Arineo App Launcher across your entire company – independently of the number of users.

Customizable design

Of course, you can incorporate the Power App into your CI and use it on both desktop and mobile devices.

Do you want to drive your digitalization with Microsoft Power Apps?

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“Managing power apps can quickly become a challenge. This was also the case with us. That’s why we created this “meta power app”, which is used solely to manage the other existing power apps. So we’ve sort of digitized the management of digitization.”

Harald Tingelhoff

Director Business Development, Arineo GmbH

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We love, teach, like IT

Power Apps are our thing.

But beyond our technical expertise, what sets us apart is our pragmatic approach to digitizing processes. Before we digitize a process, we take a close look: is it necessary? Is it sensible? Where can it be automated? Together, we define a smart automation strategy to increase your company’s productivity, whether it’s a medium-sized business or a large corporation.

At home with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, specializing in Business Applications, as well as Digital and App Innovations (Azure). Additionally, we were once again appointed by Microsoft to the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle 2022/2023. Specifically, this means that we maintain a very close relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to bring additional expertise to the table when supporting our customers.

We focus on long-term relationships.

We like constancy – with our colleagues as well as with our business partners and customers. Thanks to our strong staff retention, we can ensure that you benefit from long-term support from the same contact persons. This has a positive effect on the quality of our services and on our whole business relationship.

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Awarded. If we do it, we do it right. There is a reason why we achieved Microsoft Gold and Solutions Partner satus, SAP Gold Partner status. And Creditreform has confirmed our excellent credit rating.

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