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Business Intelligence

Break through old thought patterns - with business intelligence

The earth is flat – most people in Europe were firmly convinced of this in 1489. In 1492, the world suddenly looked very different, namely round. Because someone had the idea to just check it out – and ended up in America. It is limiting to treat firmly held assumptions as if they were truths. In companies, this can lead to expensive errors of judgment. Opportunities are squandered unnoticed, risks go unrecognized.

Business intelligence (BI) gives your business management an ace up the sleeve: data mining is used to collect important data from all areas and intuitively process it using smart analysis processes. This gives you a clear view of what is actually happening – and allows you to make better, more objective decisions at any time.

Business Intelligence: Decide objectively

Our BI team accompanies you from simple reporting from different data sources to integrated corporate planning with forecasting. You receive an in-depth analysis that provides an objective basis for strategic management decisions. So that you can optimally lead your company into the future!

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Advantages of Business Intelligence

Managed BI Approach

Our experts bring together all relevant information from various source systems in a central data warehouse – a so-called single spot of truth. This allows you to scale and flexibly expand your BI environment at any time.

Reporting precision

We implement reporting and analytics so that you can track down to the transaction level – and, if necessary, even jump back into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a single click.

Predefined reports for maximum efficiency

Our team has compiled the best aspects of years of BI experience and developed data models for sales, purchasing, financial accounting, and stock management. Similarly, they have developed standard reports in Power BI. This allows you to take your first steps in BI within a week.


The most important facts about business intelligence

Business intelligence encompasses various solutions and technologies for gaining insights into the dynamics of a company from various data sources. The intention is to achieve greater transparency and better management. Originally limited to business information and ERP systems, today, all kinds of sources can be included and prepared in a meaningful way.

In principle, almost all IT areas can be integrated into business intelligence. However, four steps can be defined according to which business intelligence analyses proceed:

  1. Collect & prepare data: Data is usually collected from multiple sources, transformed, and stored centrally using the ETL (extract, transform, and load) method.
  2. Data Mining: The data is automatically assessed for statistical anomalies. These anomalies are analyzed. When AI is involved, the system learns to recognize certain abnormalities as normal, such as unproductive public holidays. Even here, the system can make forecasts and recommendations.
  3. Visualization of the data: Graphs, charts, and dashboards give a visual impression of the dynamics and help to get a quick overview.
  4. Translate knowledge directly into action: Measures can be derived directly from the knowledge provided by business intelligence. Emerging developments can be countered with strategic decisions.

There is now a wide range of business intelligence tools, such as Microsoft Power BI. These standard tools can do an incredible amount but must be implemented correctly to deliver meaningful results. But if a company wants deeper, more specific insights, it is worth having experts combine these tools with other solutions – or develop them from scratch. A prior consultancy on the use of business intelligence is always recommended to ensure that the investment costs are really worthwhile.

“Arineo’s history, still so young but all the more successful, is exemplary in several ways. Here, innovative management approaches and outstanding professional expertise come together with unconditional customer orientation and living passion. In my eyes, this combination makes Arineo a very special Telekom partner of the future and at the same time a blueprint for modern entrepreneurship with great prospects for the future.”
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Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner Programm – Telekom
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We love, teach, like IT

Projects, concepts based on practice.

Our experts ensure that your BI solution fits your corporate strategy – without losing sight of the cost-benefit calculation. Because we want you to successfully future-proof your company with business intelligence.

BI - optimally informed.

We come up with our business intelligence applications from business cases and have developed best-practice dashboards. With our Arineo Finance Dashboard, for example, you can enter the BI world with little effort.

At home with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft solution partner for business applications and digital & app innovation on Azure. Our many years of experience with the integration of data from ERP, CRM, and industry-specific special systems benefit our customer companies in BI projects.

Your request

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