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Data Management

Data management for heterogeneous IT landscapes

As a rule, the larger the company, the more heterogeneous the IT landscape. Historically, different departments use different systems, subsidiaries use different tools than the parent company – and these systems do not communicate with each other, or only do so with great difficulty. An up-to-date overview of the company is impossible, as is trouble-free collaboration across system boundaries.

The good news? It doesn’t have to stay that way. Our data management team connects all your systems to a central Microsoft SQL Server, ensures stable interfaces, and migrates your data securely into the new system as part of our new ERP implementation projects. Even after go-live, our experts manage your databases, maintain your interfaces and ensure data security. This way, you can be sure that your data is usable and secure at all times.

Eine Frau am Laptop integriert Daten aus unterschiedlichen Quellsystemen. Im Hintergrund richtet ein junger Mann einen Microsoft SQL Server für besseres Data Management ein.

Data management - the cornerstone for BI analyses

With professional data management, you not only ensure that your data flows smoothly and securely from one system to another, but you also lay the foundation for its evaluation with BI tools or self-learning algorithms.

Our team of experts for data management and analytics prepares your structured and unstructured data in a data warehouse so that they can be combined in almost any way. BI queries give you a much better and more up-to-date overview of your company.

Our services for fluid data streams

Microsoft SQL Server

A Microsoft SQL Server is the linchpin of our data integration services. We connect any and all systems to it so that they communicate with each other.

Data Warehousing

In a data warehouse or data lake, we bring together your structured and unstructured data so you can use it for Power BI analytics or audits with AI.

Data security

Through our managed cloud services, we provide data security, from setting up security essentials such as Azure Active Directory (AAD), Privileged Identity Management (PIM), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Zero Trust.

Long term support

Our data management services are a part of our Microsoft Dynamics projects. Long-term support for your interfaces is a matter of course for us.

“The best part of my job? Our customers’ delight at the foreseeable reduction in workload when we have successfully integrated systems and data suddenly flows – and becomes usable.”
Liliya Sadikova
Senior Data Scientist,
Arineo Swing

We love, teach, like IT

Don't be afraid of big numbers.

We are very familiar with the complex IT landscapes and heterogeneous databases in corporate groups. Our experts always have plenty of best practices for successful data management.

We focus on long-term relationships.

We like constancy – with our colleagues as well as with our business partners and customers. Thanks to our strong staff retention, we can ensure that you benefit from long-term support from the same contact persons. This has a positive effect on the quality of our services and on our whole business relationship.

At home with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft solution partner for business applications and digital & app innovation on Azure. Our many years of experience with the integration of data from ERP, CRM, and industry-specific special systems benefit our customer companies.

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Successful software launch projects

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Michael Zielinski
Michael Zielinski
Senior Manager Data Intelligence