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AI research partner from Göttingen

Our AI research is recognized and funded by the BMBF

Did you know? The Ar and In in our company name stand for Artificial Intelligence – and we live up to this with our AI team. In two projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), our experts are investigating how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help optimize business processes. The research volume for both projects totals €2.1 million; the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is supporting this work with €500,000.

Project 1

Natural language processing to answer business questions

Our first AI research project aims to use artificial intelligence to build up a knowledge data pool that makes it possible to answer any internal and external company questions. Technically, this project is about NLP (natural language processing).


The artificial intelligence we have developed can, for example, prepare the risk assessment of newly acquired customers. To do this, it determines a risk profile from various data sources, which can be viewed from different angles. This is the ideal basis for making a data-driven decision as to whether the acquisition effort is worthwhile.

Project 2

Artificial neural networks for image processing

Our second research project deals with artificial neural networks. With the development of new image processing methods, we help companies optimize their processes with the aid of image or video recognition. For example, our algorithms can detect diseases on the leaves of various fruits and vegetables and suggest appropriate treatments to combat the disease.

We use three different approaches here.

Cell phone pictures

With the help of cell phone pictures, we can identify very specific diseases on individual leaves.

Drone imagery

Drone imagery helps us identify infestations in a field.

Satellite images

And with satellite images and associated weather data, we can even make predictions for the spread of pathogens for entire areas.


Our algorithms can detect diseases on the leaves of various fruits and vegetables and suggest appropriate treatments to combat the disease.

Another example is the prediction of the flooding of rivers and lakes based on satellite images. To this end, our artificial intelligence evaluates and categorizes images from the Sentinel I and II satellites. Categorization, in turn, allows the system to detect the smallest changes and create a sort of early warning system.

This is what makes our research partnership

Low-threshold AI solutions

Our AI solutions are designed to address specific business problems. For example, our Anomaly Detection app helps increase data quality, and our AI for regulating hours helps project managers approve timesheets.

Methodical approach

Our methodical approach identifies processes in your company that can be optimized with AI to make them faster, more cost-effective, and more secure.

Ethical principles

Our research is not funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for nothing. We are committed to ethical principles in the development of our algorithms.

“The funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is a great opportunity for us. There are no comparable solutions on the market so far. Arineo is, thus, doing pioneering work. This opens up new potential for us in the market, with which we can not only win new customers but also underline Göttingen’s reputation as a center for research and science.”
Dr. Marko Weinrich
Member of the Management Board,
Arineo GmbH
Arineo Swing

We love, teach, like IT

AI is our DNA.

Our core is the development of artificial intelligence. To this end, our experts repeatedly collaborate with university researchers.

We focus on long-term relationships

We like constancy – with our colleagues as well as with our business partners and customers. Thanks to our strong staff retention, we can ensure that you benefit from long-term support from the same contact persons. This has a positive effect on the quality of our services and on our whole business relationship.

Shared knowledge is double knowledge

In order for artificial intelligence to bring sustainable added value, AI knowledge is also needed in the companies themselves. With our AI Academy, we therefore help you to build an internal competence team.

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Michael Zielinski
Michael Zielinski
Senior Manager Data Intelligence