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Collegially organized

Leadership shaped collegially and together

When it comes to leadership, we rely on our employees and the Arineo model of collegial organization that we have developed. We have spread the traditional management tasks over several shoulders: Number crunchers take care of controlling. Teamplayers provide feedback and guidance. Organizational talents lead the projects. In this way, everyone can contribute their strengths – regardless of position or time with the company.

In our company, the people who have the most knowledge about a situation make the decisions. This enables us to deliver better results faster. Of course, our customers also benefit from this.

The Arineo model of collegial organization was developed in a participatory manner by our employees – in small working units over a period of two and a half years. The model makes our organization flexible and resilient: we can quickly adapt our structures to changing conditions. It also offers our employees plenty of scope for co-design, as they can act in a self-determined and effective manner – an important element for mental well-being. Our figures also prove this: While a fluctuation rate of over 20 % is considered the norm in the IT industry, our workforce remains very stable with a fluctuation rate of less than 4 %. This pays off, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

Advantages of the collegial organization

Low fluctuation

Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with the company – and be highly motivated.

High autonomy

In a cooperative organization, employees work in a highly autonomous manner.

Flexibility and resilience

The organization can react quickly and efficiently to crisis situations.

Your company - managed cooperatively.

Would you also like to rethink your working environment far away from classic hierarchy and power structures? Then we would be happy to share our experience in the field of neural organizational development with you - with an open mind. Ultimately, we know from experience that models must always be adapted to the respective organization and culture.


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