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5. July 2023
3 Minutes

Arineo is preparing for a well-regulated management succession

The Göttingen-based IT service provider Arineo is proactively training successors for its management and granting them full power of attorney. The company, founded in 2018, aims to secure its existing business model and corporate values in the long term, in line with its current 360 employees.

[Göttingen, July 06, 2023] Arineo GmbH lays the groundwork for a possible succession in line with its corporate structure and grants Wibke Jellinghaus, Dr. Astrid Selke, Dr. Thomas Brodag, Leandro Meermeier, Daniel Piekorz, and Philipp Stickling joint power of attorney. Through a selection process in which all employees could apply for the position of management successor, two women and four men emerged as suitable candidates for the role. “Since the end of the selection process, our colleagues have been working in the management team. This allows them to become visible in typical leadership tasks and take on responsibilities,” explains Dr. Marko Weinrich, management spokesman, adding, “The new authorized signatories are already playing a significant role in the organizational development of our young company. They are very familiar with the processes and working methods.” 

“Incorporating the responsibilities of management is an excellent way to determine whether this role truly suits us,” confirms Dr. Thomas Brodag, underlining the idea of filling the management positions from within the organization and providing on-the-job training. Thus, the current executives ensure a seamless transition of management activities to the next generation as they gradually retire in the coming years. 

Arineo is on its way to becoming an employee-owned company (EOC) and is positioned as a cooperatively organized company. The EOC concept involves placing the responsibility and ownership of the company in the hands of its employees. Profits generated remain within the company, supporting stability and further development. Moreover, the company cannot be sold against the will of the employees. Instead of a hierarchical organization, Arineo follows the concept of a cooperative organization, in which traditional management tasks are distributed among multiple individuals. This structure allows for a high degree of participation, leveraging the individual strengths of all employees. “Our corporate structure and culture are our recipe for success. That is why the next generation must come from within our ranks. This is the only way we can ensure that they will lead the company into the future in line with Arineo’s founding idea,” emphasizes Weinrich.  


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(from left to right): Philipp Stickling, Leandro Meermeier, Dr. Thomas Brodag, Daniel Piekorz, Wibke Jellinghaus, and Dr. Astrid Selke