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Collaboration & Communication

Collaboration & Communication is called: We’re tackling it together!

Let’s be honest: the only good thing about the classic office is the coffee area. It is there, not in dusty filing cabinets or sterile conference rooms, that the heart of a company beats. This is where real discussion takes place, creative ideas are bounced off each other, and the sense of togetherness grows, which is crucial for mutual success. So when we talk about digital transformation, it’s often about this question: can true team spirit be awakened in virtual collaboration?

You bet! Because modern Microsoft 365 solutions are much more than the digital versions of phones or lever arch folders. They can be used to design complete work environments that can individually represent the needs of a company and individual teams. Shared knowledge finds its place there, just like the quick exchange via chat – or the regular virtual coffee area meeting via video.

Successful digital collaboration

Good collaboration is not a question of where, but how. And Microsoft 365 with Teams, Atlassian, and Arineo provide the appropriate answers. Teams can collaborate on documents, have spontaneous discussions, and keep up to date with persistent chats. All team members can actively participate by working on digital whiteboards. Collaboration & Communication, therefore, means more creative freedom for the individual – so that a strong sense of “us” is possible!

Junge Frau arbeitet mit Microsoft Teams im Home-Office

Collaboration & Communication – the advantages

Everything in its place

With Microsoft Teams, you can always find documents, meeting notes, and recordings in the appropriate Teams channel – even on the go with the mobile app. And with the Arineo GroupView solution, you always keep track of your teams.

Single point of truth

When working on documents in Microsoft SharePoint, you not only always see the current version, but you can also track who changed what and when. Wave goodbye to email chains and printed copy!

Direct networking

See the whole team via live stream in the morning, clarify a topic on the phone with a colleague at lunchtime, and remind everyone of the important deadline via group chat in the afternoon: Microsoft Teams bundles all these channels so you can always choose the most convenient way.


The most important facts about Collaboration & Communication

Nowadays, there is an unmanageable number of collaboration & communication tools. So the question must rather be: what requirements must the tool meet to be the right one for your own company? Factors such as costs, data protection requirements, and ease of integration with other solutions play an important role. Microsoft 365 with Teams is particularly widely used in companies around the world. But Atlassian, or other third-party providers, can offer meaningful new impetus and additions. Ideally, get in-depth advice from a professional before choosing a tool.

Unified Communications & Collaboration, abbreviated to UCC or just UC, refers to solutions that combine multiple communications services. In a UC solution, users must not only be able to switch between services, but also add a new form of presentation in an ongoing communication. This means that it is easy to switch from a chat to a video call – or that documents can be shared via chat during a video conference.

For us, collaboration means seamless cooperation. For example, when several project participants work together and simultaneously fill in figures in an Excel sheet, work on a concept in Word, or prepare a sales presentation – even if they are employed in different companies.

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We love, teach, like IT

Active collaboration

Our teams not only install collaboration and communication solutions – we also develop them themselves. That’s why we know: any solution is only useful if it is actively being used. That’s why we accompany you from the strategic conception to the operative introduction and long-term support.

At home with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, specializing in Business Applications, as well as Digital and App Innovations (Azure). Additionally, we were once again appointed by Microsoft to the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle 2022/2023. Specifically, this means that we maintain a very close relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to bring additional expertise to the table when supporting our customers.

Shared knowledge is double knowledge

Our experts pass on their knowledge to your specialist team in training courses and seminars.

“Together with Arineo, we have built our integrated management system in Office 365 on the basis of SharePoint Online and thus mastered the annual audit without any problems. Arineo is our strategic and operational partner in our first step into the Microsoft Cloud.”
Marco Balling
Managing Director – productware GmbH
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