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Change management

Listening to people, identifying concerns, and winning them over to change.

Change often brings uncertainty, especially at work. When a new IT system is introduced, concerns usually spread among the workforce: is my job safe? Will I still enjoy my work in the future? Can I continue to work in a self-determined manner? If these fears are not taken seriously and adequately addressed, the project runs the risk of getting into difficulty. After all, the cooperation of all those affected is essential for the success of an IT project.

Our change management team has been supporting people in our IT projects for years. It addresses concerns and fears, analyzes feedback, and prepares adequate communication modules - in line with our motto: the passion to empower people.

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Change management for faster project success

The best IT solution is useless if people reject it. Our change management ensures the necessary cooperation and collaboration in the project, prevents resistance, and prevents negative rumors.

Through optimally prepared and deliberately timed information about content, procedure, status, and changes, it creates a positive starting position for your project. Change management is particularly useful in agile projects, where the motivated cooperation of key users is essential for successful completion.

Change management for your employees

Consistent communication

Thanks to a clearly-formulated change story and binding core messages, we ensure a consistent communication about the reasons and goals of the project.

Neutral feedback channel

Our experts act as neutral contact persons for project-related concerns and problems within the workforce.

Support for your project management

We help reduce project management stress through targeted communication on suitable channels.

Project management coaching

Our experts share their know-how in the areas of moderation and conflict management.


The most important information about change management

Change management is the process of accompanying people through change. The people responsible for change management plan specific measures such as change story workshops. They prepare information materials and ensure that everyone receives the information that they need at the right time. To summarize: change management handles mass communication about the project in coordination with project management.

From our experience: “No”. Project management usually has more burning issues to deal with and is often not familiar with the craft of change management. For change managers, however, the concerns and questions of employees have top priority. Sometimes the project management also forgets that not all participants have the same level of knowledge as they do. External change management is also sensible because employees can give honest feedback and address critical issues without fear of consequences.

Change management explains the need for change from different angles. It solicits honest feedback from the workforce and incorporates it into its activities. The important thing is that change management must communicate honestly, even about challenges and difficulties. If you only talk about the benefits of change, you will quickly lose credibility and the trust of your employees. Precisely for this reason, communication should also take place when not everything is yet certain and clear – after all, the uncertainties are plain to see. Keeping them quiet is usually counterproductive and fuels time and resource-intensive staff gossip, as well as fears and resistance.

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We love, teach, like IT

Ears and eyes open.

Our change management team sensitively accompanies your workforce through the change phase. It picks up on the mood and proactively addresses concerns and fears.

We focus on long-term relationships.

We like constancy – with our colleagues as well as with our business partners and customers. Thanks to our strong staff retention, we can ensure that you benefit from long-term support from the same contact persons. This has a positive effect on the quality of our services and on our whole business relationship.

Shared knowledge is double knowledge!

Our experts pass on their knowledge to your specialist team in coaching sessions.

Your request

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“Change management is much more than preparing a few slides for the general meeting. It’s about meeting people as equals, listening to their concerns, and presenting the need for change in a way that everyone can understand. It gives me great joy when I see people embrace a previously unpopular change and start working together.”
Alexandra Binder
Change Manager and Member of the Supervisory Board,
Arineo GmbH
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Alexandra Binder
Alexandra Binder
Change Managerin und Mitglied im Aufsichtsrat