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We are the boss.

We want to decide in which direction our company will develop and how we will shape our daily work. Therefore, it was also immediately obvious that no classic management concept was suitable for us. In short, we developed one ourselves. One that fits – and is tailored to us, our needs, and our requirements. If you want to work on your own initiative and drive your company forward as a team, then you’ve come to the right place!

Cooperative organization - work structures that suit us

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Flat hierarchies and a high level of personal responsibility - our path to becoming a top employer.

We organize ourselves and distribute classic management tasks across several shoulders. We coordinate tasks, develop strategies, support each other, find rules, and give feedback. In our teams, management tasks are taken on by those who fit both professionally and personally and who enjoy performing them – in coordination with their colleagues, of course.

Decisions are made by those who are best able to make them.

At Arineo, we make decisions where the knowledge is greatest, instead of passing them “upwards” through a hierarchy. This way we are more flexible and quicker. This gives us a strong focus on our employees. More participation and fewer obstacles in everyday work. We want to enable co-determination, contribute our skills, and use our individual strengths. We are, thus, also competitively well-positioned: robust, efficient, and innovative.

Employee-owned company - for success that belongs to us

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You are part of your own company

A company that belongs to its employees. That is exactly what Arineo is. We work together for our success. This means a high level of personal responsibility and motivation to shape Arineo. We create the best conditions for our work. This not only makes us a top employer but also helps us to focus entirely on the success of our customers. And above all, it gives us the security that our company will not be sold and end up in foreign hands.

Our profits serve the company’s purpose

The profits we generate with Arineo remain within the company and benefit it alone. We invest what we have earned together in the further development of our colleagues, our company, and our technologies. This strengthens our growth and gives us stability for the future. After all, our vision is nothing less than to be the best employer in the IT services industry!

We are looking forward to getting to know you - become part of our team.

We are a team and everyone can contribute

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Our values define us in everyday life

Our values define us. They show us not only who we are but also, the direction in which we would like to develop. They are meant to remind us of our goals and to guide us in everyday life. They also give others an impression of who we are and what is important to us.

We have collated, discussed, and developed these values together with all of our colleagues. Fifteen values are a lot – nevertheless we have decided against an artificial restriction because the sum of the values reflects our diversity.

We don’t want to pretend – we are honest with each other, with customers and partners. We make information transparent, give feedback, and together, find good solutions.

Open, honest and authentic Open, honest and authentic

Our mutual trust creates solidarity and personal freedom. We give and receive trust – this is the basis of our teamwork and cooperative organization.

A foundation of trust A foundation of trust

Employee orientation is our success factor. We deal with people in a positive, respectful, and appreciative manner – internally and externally. We respect differences, offer support, and respect the interests of others.

Focus on the individual Focus on the individual

Reliability creates security. You can depend on Arineo – as a colleague, customer, or partner. We keep our promises, work together on our goals, and reliably complete tasks.

We keep our word We keep our word

Common goals connect us. We stick together, support each other, and work together as colleagues. We respect the interests of the community and resolve conflicts constructively.

We are a team We are a team

We find good solutions. We create high quality through self-reflection, continuous improvement, and training. This is why we are proud of our achievements and have satisfied customers.

Quality as a maxim Quality as a maxim

We take responsibility. We make decisions, contribute ideas, and act independently. This is how we learn and shape Arineo together.

Shaping the future together Shaping the future together

Everyone is welcome as an individual. Regardless of gender, origin, age, skin color, faith, and who you love. We have the same rights and duties in our dealings with each other – we treat others fairly and promote equality.

Fairness, equality, and justice Fairness, equality, and justice

Work should be fun. We create a friendly environment and can laugh together. Humor is an essential part of our cooperation.

Fun makes great things possible Fun makes great things possible

We are service providers. Our customers are our partners – we deal with them fairly and professionally. Because customer projects are the core of our work, we deliver high-quality results and are proud of our success and our customers’ satisfaction.

Satisfied customers Satisfied customers

Entrepreneurial spirit and economic practices secure our future. Reasonable profit and responsible investment are the basis for secure jobs, growth, and the EOC.

Based on economic efficiency Based on economic efficiency

We’re taking action: everyone at Arineo can and should take responsibility, and we trust in the decisions of experts and teams. Common interests determine our actions and we are role models for others.

Responsible example Responsible example

We openly meet new people and ideas. Our management philosophy and agile cooperation in dynamic teams enable us to look ahead, to move flexibly, and innovatively into the future.

The courage to break new ground The courage to break new ground

Arineo should have sustainable and long-term growth. That is why we are careful with resources and pay attention to ourselves and our company. We invest in cooperative organization, innovation, and further development as the basis of our future.

Came to stay Came to stay

The employee-owned company (EOC) is our goal. We want to be in an innovative organization, self-determined, and independent of third-party profit interests. This has united us and we are preparing Arineo together.

Self-determined and independent Self-determined and independent

Become part of our team – we are looking forward to welcoming you

Interview: Diversity & success

Jennifer Emrich


I really enjoy the supportive and enriching collaboration with my colleagues and it is an important driving force in my day-to-day work.

Portait von Ariane Mühlethaler.


If a private project requires more attention, I can usually reconcile that with my job.

Portrait von Sarah Peters


I would also consider it sensible for economically successful companies to participate in good local childcare in order to employ more women full-time and to relieve the burden on parents in general.

Florencia Kloster


An additional motivation to gain a foothold in the industry was the flexible working time model, which is actively practiced at Arineo and enables a very good work-life balance.

Arineo Swing

We are: team players, courageous, reliable, exemplary, economical, respectful, attentive

At Arineo, we employees are all responsible for our company’s success. That means that we take responsibility for everything; for our actions, for ourselves, and for our colleagues. In this way, each of us makes his or her contribution to our joint success.

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Jennifer Emrich
Jennifer Emrich
HR Management und Recruiting Specialist