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Your application

Have you found your dream job, your favorite job, your new challenge, your dream position, your new assignment with us?

Great! Then your application is the first step to becoming part of our team. Send us your application even if your ideal position was not listed. Find all information about the application and what happens afterwards here.

Our application process


Find a job

Take a look at our job portal!
Nothing there for you?

Simply send us a speculative application!


Send application

We want to get to know you. Cover letter, resume, references, and certificates give us the first clues about who you are. Upload the documents in our job portal. In return, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.


Get an idea

We will look at your application together with colleagues from the respective department(s). We aim to give you quick feedback. If it does take longer, please be patient.


Get to know each other

We’re interested in you and want to get to know you personally. You can get an idea of who we are in an initial phone/video interview or in-person appointment. If we are convinced that you could be a good fit for us, we will invite you to a (further) personal interview.


Make a decision

We clarify all questions – yours and ours. During the interview or afterward, if you think of anything else – and decide whether we want to work together in the future.


Be there!

Perfect. You are in the team – we are looking forward to welcoming you!

We are looking forward to getting to know you - become part of our team.

“A good application should be authentic and well-structured. Let us know who you are and what drives you. A clear resume and a compelling cover letter highlighting your motivation and qualifications help us determine whether you are a good fit for the position – or perhaps another one. Show us why you are the perfect addition to our team. We are looking forward to getting to know you.”

Maike Thöle


Thought of everything?

To make sure we get all the info we need from you, just take a look at our table.

Formal or informal Arineo?

At Arineo we are on first-name terms. We find this more personal. It also fits better into our corporate culture and into our organization, which is cooperatively managed. Since we consider all interested parties to be potential new colleagues, we have decided to use an informal style in the career section of the website.

For the first personal contact, being on first-name terms can be unfamiliar and not everyone may want to be addressed in this way. For this reason, we generally use a more formal form of communication in the application process. Just use whatever form of address you feel comfortable with in your application. We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are on a first or last-name basis.

Tell us about yourself.

We want to find out a lot about you. In addition to your CV, your work references, degree certificates and, if applicable, proof of internships, your cover letter tells us who you are and what makes you different.

Here are some tips on what we’re most interested in seeing in your cover letter.

Tell us who you are, what drives you, what your strengths are, and, of course, what you can do professionally.

Who are you? Which IT topics are you interested in? Have you already been able to gain some initial IT or programming experience? Why would you like to train with us as an IT specialist for application development?

Who are you? Which IT topics are you interested in? Have you already been able to gain some initial IT or programming experience? Why would you like to complete the practical part of your dual study program for business information systems with us?

Who are you? Which IT topics are you interested in? Why would you like to work with us as a student trainee?

Who are you? Which IT topics are you interested in? Why do you want to do an internship with us? In what period would you like to complete your internship?

Who are you? Which IT topics are you interested in? Have you already been able to gain some initial IT or programming experience? Why do you want to do an internship with us? Which school subjects do you particularly enjoy? When should the internship take place?

Who are you? Which IT topics are you interested in? Why do you want to write your thesis with us and in what time frame?

Preboarding and Onboarding


After you have signed your employment contract, our colleagues from IT will contact you to help you choose your work equipment such as your laptop and cell phone. This means that you are equipped with your equipment on your first day of work.


In the time leading up to your first day with us, our colleagues from the HR team will provide you with all the information you need to get off to a good start with us. If you have any questions, you can also contact them at any time.


Your first day at Arineo will take place at our headquarters in Göttingen. You’ll get to know other colleagues who will start with you. In addition to our onboarding team, you will also meet your mentor and/or contract partner, who will accompany you and provide you with advice and support.


Your arrival at Arineo is very important to us, which is why we have developed a mentoring program. Your mentor and you will work closely together and he/she will support you wherever necessary. You will get to know your team, your tasks and, of course, Arineo.


To ensure that your induction runs smoothly, there are regular feedback meetings with you, your mentor, contract partner and an HR colleague. You will discuss what has gone well so far, but also what has gone less well, and see how we can support you in your areas of development.


Even if you are then firmly in the saddle, your training and further education is assured. There are coordinators in your team who take care of this. There are also regular feedback sessions in which you and your colleagues can exchange ideas in order to continuously improve collaboration.

For questions about your application

Jennifer Emrich
Jennifer Emrich
HR Management und Recruiting Specialist

“It is important to us that new colleagues feel comfortable and welcome from the very beginning. Our focus is on people, so we want to give new colleagues an optimal start. We support them by providing the right tools and know-how and integrating them directly into the company and our culture. Through our mentor program, new colleagues are assigned contact persons who support them through targeted and sustainable onboarding and social integration. We want new colleagues to quickly feel and understand that they are part of Arineo so that they can optimally use their skills and talents – this is beneficial for them and, of course, for Arineo itself. These aspects are embedded in a structured onboarding process supporting new colleagues throughout their first six months. I am part of this process and look forward to supporting our new colleagues on their journey at Arineo.”

Melina Schulze

HR Management