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13. July 2023
4 Minutes
Arineo Top-Frauen

Diversity and success – an interview with our IT women

First-hand insights: our colleagues from the various departments report on their challenges, successes, and visions for the future.
Ariane Mühlethaler

Ariane Mühlethaler, Marketing Manager

In addition to your work at Arineo, you are also a children’s book author and daycare activist. That sounds like a lot. How do you manage it all?

As with almost all people who seem to get a lot done at first glance, there is also a very hard-working person in the background. And I tackle things gradually when I can. For example, I worked on “Cole, the Fridge with a Cold” for almost two years. Of course, there were also longer breaks during this period, as required. I’m also very lucky to be able to work very flexibly. If a private project requires more attention, I can usually reconcile that with my job.

Who is your personal role model and why?

That’s a very good question! Many people around me are role models for me for certain aspects of their personality or their actions. I pick out the best part from every encounter and let it inspire me. After all, none of us are perfect – and that’s a good thing!

Portrait von Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters, HR Officer and Chair of the Arineo Supervisory Board

What do you find most exciting about your work as a member of the supervisory board?

There are two main points: on the one hand, I gain insights that I wouldn’t receive in my original work, allowing me to better understand how our business operates. On the other hand, I can discuss global HR strategy issues with the supervisory board management.

What do you think – how can companies promote gender equality in the workplace?

As far as possible, loosen core working hours, enable working from home, schedule important meetings in the morning, and transfer responsibility to women and men working part-time. That is the most important aspect for me. If part-time employees are only given trivial jobs, equality will not be possible. As a society, we should also think about how women can be targeted for jobs that are still dominated by men and vice versa. The general conditions in the company must be right for this. I would also consider it sensible for economically successful companies to participate in good local childcare in order to employ more women full-time and to relieve the burden on parents in general.

Portrait von Jennifer Emrich

Jennifer Emrich, Recruiting Specialist

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector, yet you hired over 70 new employees last year. How did you manage that?

We have an organizational principle without the classical hierarchy, with a high level of personal responsibility, and are on the way to becoming an employee-owned company. This meets the needs of many IT staff, who are generally very open to modern concepts. Additionally, candidates can apply to us based on recommendations from colleagues and, ideally, we also hire them. Our colleagues are great brand ambassadors and recruiters!

What gives you energy in your working life?

The supportive and enriching collaboration with my colleagues is a lot of enjoyment and a significant driving force in my daily work. And of course, success motivates me: to see how impressively Arineo has developed since it was founded and how many people I meet every day that are attracted by our corporate concept. The fact that they are just as enthusiastic about it as I am shows me that we are on the right track.

Portrait von Florencia Kloster

Florencia Anabel Kloster, Finance Consultant

The proportion of women in the IT sector is 23% and at Arineo, it is pleasingly 31%. Why did you decide on a job in IT?

In general, there is huge potential for women in the IT sector. Working in IT requires a creative way of working and thinking, which suits us women very well. Before I joined the company, I realized that the combination of IT and my expertise in financial accounting would provide me with enormous opportunities for personal development and career advancement. An additional motivation to gain a foothold in the industry was the flexible working time model, which is actively practiced at Arineo and enables a very good work-life balance.

What advice would you give to young women who want to pursue a career in a male-dominated field?

The fact that the IT sector is still a male-dominated field in 2023 should be motivation enough. My personal experience has shown that there is not only a great need for programmers and software developers, but also for professions in consulting, project management, and personnel management. You should free yourself from the cliché of classic male and female professions and concentrate on your own strengths. There are more and more female role models in the industry, and the new generation should look to them for guidance.