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Microsoft Fabric

Efficient data management

The classic situation: all important data and metrics come from different sources and are distributed throughout the entire company. But how can meaningful and data-driven decisions be made on this basis? With the help of Microsoft Fabric’s lake-centric platform, a unified database can be established. Information from various sources can be effortlessly combined and clearly visualized.

The tool incorporates new and familiar components from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory in an integrated environment.

This allows you to intelligently plan and manage all business processes – from production to logistics – with a single platform.

By integrating areas such as data actions, Data Factory, data science, data warehouse, real-time analytics, and Power BI, your data and services are seamlessly linked.

Everything under one roof

All key business functions can be centrally configured and permissions are automatically applied to all underlying services.

Powerful AI models can be easily developed further and used for trend analyses, for example.

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The advantages of Microsoft Fabric

Fully integrated

Microsoft Fabric seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft technologies such as Visual Studio, SharePoint, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. This facilitates the further development of applications within the Microsoft ecosystem and enables smooth collaboration between different platforms and services.


By integrating result visualization in Power BI, Microsoft Fabric enables quick data-driven decisions. The consolidation of results and individual metrics enables an exploratory approach to data models.

Transparent with AI

The integration of artificial intelligence not only allows direct access to the database but also enables individual programming with full control and transparent presentation of results.


Key facts about Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric offers a standardized environment for data storage, transformation, and integration of artificial intelligence. Compared to conventional platforms, it enables seamless collaboration and offers flexible customization options.

Yes, Microsoft Fabric offers over 100 pre-integrated connectors in the Data Factory, enabling easy integration of various data sources. From data lakes to business apps from Dataverse – the platform is flexible and customizable.

Microsoft Fabric enables the integration of real-time data from data streams and provides real-time visualization within Power BI. This feature is particularly useful for the use of IoT devices and sensors, and enables predictive maintenance with actionable recommendations.

Microsoft Fabric promotes collaboration through the exploratory approach to information and enables team collaboration. The platform offers assistance functions for handling data, which contribute to efficient and transparent decision-making within the team. For example, the integration of Microsoft Copilot supports the development of key figures in the DAX programming language. Copilot also creates entire dashboards based on your data and tailored to your queries.

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We love, teach, like IT

We are ready for the market

We don’t only develop individual anomaly detection solutions. With AI anomaly detection, we also have a Microsoft-certified market solution that meets the highest technology and security standards. It is also available directly in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

We focus on long-term relationships.

with our colleagues as well as with our business partners and customers. Thanks to our strong staff retention, we ensure that you benefit from long-term support from the same contact persons. This has a positive effect on the quality of our services and on our whole business relationship.

AI is in our DNA.

Our core is the development of artificial intelligence. To this end, our experts repeatedly collaborate with university researchers. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding two of our current research projects on improving work processes through AI.

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