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21. December 2021
1 Minute

Employee participation at Arineo – TV report on Deutsche Welle

A company that is breaking new ground. The fact that a company belongs to its own employees is something special in Germany, and perhaps even worldwide. The public broadcaster Deutsche Welle was interested in this and visited Arineo with a film team.
Personen, die am Tisch Pizza essen.

In 2019, a group of people decided to invest in a new company: this resulted in the IT service provider Arineo. The venture is owned by a company whose 50 or so members are all Arineo employees. The company will then be completely handed over to the workforce by 2024 at the latest. The remarkable thing about the construct is that the employees do not receive a return on investment, but the surpluses generated flow back into the company. There, the money is then invested in projects that benefit all employees.

Deutsche Welle found our type of company so interesting that they made a video about Arineo for their bilingual business magazine “Made in Germany”. In the article, the management and shareholders have their say on, among other things, their motivation for founding the company and the culture in a company with a cooperative organizational principle.

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