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13. January 2022
2 Minutes
Lächelnde Person und vor einer grünen Wiese. Tim Dombrowski, Mitarbeiter der Arineo.

Tim, what do you say about equality at Arineo?

IT service companies - that sounds like a male-dominated domain. At Arineo, the male proportion of employees is actually higher than the female. We asked our colleague Tim Dombrowski (senior consultant) whether this has any impact on equality in our company.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “equality at Arineo”?

For us, the focus is on people. Every colleague treats people in a positive, respectful and appreciative way and everyone is welcome as a human being. So, regardless of gender, origin, age, skin colour, faith or who you love. This is something we don’t just experience. Last year, as colleagues, we defined corporate values that correspond to our daily work and provide us with orientation.

Do men and women have the same opportunities at Arineo?

Definitely. We put experience, skills and aptitude first.

In your opinion, are all genders equal at Arineo?

You bet! Why shouldn’t they be?!

How do you think Arineo implements the question of equality?

For me, the issue of gender equality is, above all, about reconciling family and career. Of course, companies are not solely responsible for this, but they should nevertheless make their contribution. Flexible working hours and the possibility of mobile working are particularly important components. As an employer, Arineo makes this possible for us.

Where would you like to see Arineo do a better job of implementing equality?

From my point of view, at Arineo, we are already implementing the issue of equality very well. Nevertheless, you can certainly improve at any time. However, it should not be forgotten that the IT industry is male-dominated. Therefore, the more important question is rather: what can we do to make the industry more attractive for women?