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30. July 2021
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Arineo – Two research projects with the federal government! Learn more.

At Arineo, research is conducted in the field of artificial intelligence. Arineo is a research partner with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research The research projects focus on business processes and how they can be made smarter using artificial intelligence.
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Whether it’s a lane-keeping assistant in the car, spell-checking in the chat program, or facial recognition when unlocking the smartphone – we are constantly coming into contact with artificial intelligence (AI) and taking advantage of it to make our lives more convenient. Why only take advantage of the benefits in private? Processes in a company can also be made more efficient, secure, and pragmatic through the use of artificial intelligence.

With our team of AI experts, we help companies make better and more effective use of business data by leveraging algorithms. The spectrum ranges from improved lead generation and increased conversion rates in online stores, to more accurate forecasts and effective employee onboarding. We are living up to our name with two research projects in this area. After all, Ar and In at Arineo stand for Artificial Intelligence. With support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Arineo will spend the next four years researching how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used “smartly” to support business processes. The research volume for both projects totals 2.1 million euros, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is supporting this work with 500,000 euros.

Research projects with a focus on business processes

The first research project aims to use artificial intelligence to build up a knowledge data pool that makes it possible to answer internal and external questions about any company process. One example of this is the risk assessment of new customers in acquisition situations. Based on various data sources, the risk assessment can be viewed from different angles. An intelligent algorithm can quickly deliver validated results using different weightings and relevance settings. On this basis, a company can decide whether the acquisition makes sense and is promising.

Technically, this is about NLP (Natural Language Processing) and how to answer a general-purpose question in a meaningful way. For example, if you want to consider to what extent a given technology will become relevant for a certain industry in the future. Such questions will not be answered satisfactorily with a simple search engine query. This is where the AI comes in.

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More Information

Video interview with our Senior Data Scientists Dimas Wiese and Gerhard Heinzerling on the topic of artificial intelligence.

The second research project deals with artificial neural networks. The development of new image processing methods is intended to help companies optimize certain production process steps with the aid of image or video recognition. By using a learning system, for example, diseases on leaves of various fruits and vegetables can be determined and appropriate treatments for disease control can be suggested. A system like this can therefore help improve agricultural productivity and is, thus, important for global food production, for which less and less land is available. We use three different approaches here. With the help of cell phone pictures, we can identify very specific diseases on individual leaves. Drone imagery helps us identify disease in a field. With satellite images and associated weather data, we can even make predictions for the spread of pathogens for entire areas.

Another example is the prediction of flooding of rivers and lakes based on satellite images. To this end, we evaluate and categorize images from the Sentinel I and II satellites. Categorization, in turn, allows us to perceive the smallest changes and create a sort of early warning system.

Learn from your data with Arineo

Are there also processes in your company that can be made “smarter” with the use of artificial intelligence? We would be happy to advise you!