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30. July 2021
2 Minutes

Arineo is 2.5 years old – more than one reason to celebrate

Despite pandemic-related restrictions, Arineo didn't miss the opportunity to throw a virtual birthday party with its employees and take a look at what the young company has achieved in recent years.
Arineo Geburtstagscocktail.

There are many reasons to celebrate. 2.5 years company anniversary is one good reason. Growing from 2 to 250 employees in that time is yet another. There are several more, but more about that later.

Since we were not able to celebrate a company party – neither a summer party nor a Christmas party – last year due to the pandemic, we decided to virtually toast all our colleagues. To this end, each employee received a package at home, containing a cocktail glass, cocktail mix, a small bottle of rum, party hats, crisps, and a cocktail umbrella. Our regularly scheduled online staff meeting was then hijacked for this joyous occasion and together, we toasted the successes of the past few years.

What we have achieved

  • Growth – we have over 250 colleagues at 12 locations worldwide
  • Stability – strong sales figures help us to resist the pandemic crisis
  • Together – supporting and promoting is our daily business
  • Customers – over 150 satisfied customers and a more than well-filled project pipeline
  • Social responsibility – we take responsibility with apprenticeships, school initiatives, research projects, and more
  • Partnerships – we were awarded SAP Gold Status, Microsoft Gold Status, and Microsoft Inner Circle membership
  • Internationalization – we are on site in Germany, Austria, China, and Denmark
  • Leadership principle – we work together quickly and flexibly and have achieved important milestones in our “Cooperative Leadership” project

A strong team

We are very proud of these successes and this was also palpable at the celebration. Despite distance due to the online meeting, the mood was exuberant and the joy tangible. Maybe it was the cocktail or the fact that we finally celebrated together again after a year. Or maybe it’s because we are a dedicated team and, thus, also stand by our business partners and customers as a strong partner and carry out successful projects together.