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19. February 2024
3 Minutes

Arineo trainees donate €5.000

The Arineo trainees' annual donation project once again focused on the motto "Helping where help is needed". As part of this initiative, the first-year apprentices at the Göttingen IT service provider had the opportunity to donate a total of €5000 to charities of their choice.
6 Auszubildene hintereinander aufgereiht
Arineo-Azubis im ersten Ausbildungsjahr Fachinformatik im Bereich Anwendungsentwicklung (vlnr) Aaron Mumdey, Alex Inácio Francisco, Jannik Oeftiger, Felix Degenhardt, Paul-Luca Kulig, Emil Pfirrmann.

“The collaboration between the trainees in the donation project not only promotes the development of teamwork but also the development of individual strengths when they make decisions together and engage in social activities,” says Eileen Zimbal, training manager and initiator of the donation project.

This year, the trainees aimed to cover as many different areas of application as possible with their donations. “This intention reflects our belief that social commitment should be diverse in order to have a comprehensive and positive impact on various societal challenges,” says Paul-Luca Kulig, trainee IT specialist for application development, explaining the approach. After numerous discussions and a targeted selection, the young people decided to divide the amount among the following organizations:

  • Caritas (€1000)
    Caritas supports care facilities as well as people of all ages in many different ways.
  • Herzenswünsche e.V. (€700)
    Herzenswünsche e.V. uses donations to fulfill the wishes of terminally ill people.
  • SOS-Kinderdorf (€500)
    SOS-Kinderdorf provides abandoned and needy children with a path to a better future.
  • MISSION ERDE e.V. (€800)
    MISSION ERDE e.V. focuses on combating environmental crime in numerous “missions”.
  • KiZ – Kind im Zentrum (€800)
    Kind im Zentrum provides counseling and therapeutic help for children and adolescents affected by sexual violence.
  • Deutsche Krebshilfe (€700)
    Deutsche Krebshilfe makes a significant contribution to national cancer research.
  • Tierschutzverein München (€500)
    In cooperation with other animal welfare organizations, the Tierschutzverein München advocates for injured and abandoned animals.

“The interdisciplinary collaboration with my colleagues and the independent planning and communication were aspects that made my day-to-day work even more interesting and varied,” says Felix Degenhardt, trainee IT specialist for application development, about the donation project. “We could also decide for ourselves which organizations and associations we wanted to support and, thus, make a social contribution to the common good. We are curious to see which institutions will be selected for next year.”

Arineo has had very good experiences with this project in the first year of the apprenticeship, as it allows young people to get to know each other better and gain initial insights into project work within the company. The IT service provider trains IT specialists in application development at its Göttingen and Butzbach offices. Additionally, it offers a dual study program in business informatics at its Göttingen and Chemnitz offices. For information about training and study programs, interested parties can contact Eileen Zimbal:

Paul-Luca Kulig, a first-year trainee, contributed to this article. Many thanks for that.

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Arineo trainees in the donation project “Helping where help is needed”.