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15. February 2024
3 Minutes
Zeichnung unserer Trainees beim Bootcamp

October trainees take flight

After the successful first round of our trainee program, affectionately known internally as bootcamp, seven trainees started their journey at Arineo on October 4, 2023. Participant Maleen Linke describes how they experienced the collaborative introduction to our cooperative organization.

“Exhausted, thoughtful, excited, happy…” – there are probably many adjectives to describe the feelings after a “conference room pilot” – CRP* for short. And they are individual for each person. One word that aptly sums up our mood after the first run-through of this central presentation is “Relief.”

Trainees felt a particular sense of relief on a Thursday evening at the end of November. Because on this day, we conducted a CRP for the first time as part of our trainee program in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 FO).

The guests at this important presentation included our mentors and contractual partners, as well as representatives from HR and other interested parties, including three trainees who had completed the program before us. Now it was our turn. As early as mid-October, we asked ourselves what we could present. And the answer – which came as no surprise – was the content of what we had learned so far.
Accordingly, we presented various D365 FO fundamentals to our colleagues, such as setting up a new client. We carried out a test purchase and resale with this client. Among other things, warehouse location guidelines were defined, and a test vendor was created from which sample products were purchased. To conclude our fictitious workflow, we simulated an order of showcase articles.

The first CRP was very exciting for all of us, as we didn’t know what to expect during the implementation, what questions the participants would have for us, and whether we would be able to optimally answer them. But what the first CRP primarily achieved was the development of a really good team spirit within our group.

On this basis, we started the next training courses within the trainee program, which further deepened the D365 FO topics learned to date and were supplemented by accompanying topics on social skills, time management, and change management. At the same time, all trainees worked intensively on their very own topics and were able to go into greater depth – with great support from helpful colleagues. One trainee colleague dealt with Annata, while another colleague took a closer look at supply chain management and, together with another colleague, learned more about workflows. And I, in turn, focused specifically on various project management topics against the background of the Lean-Agile project framework methodology used at Arineo; a methodology that combines the best of the agile and classic project management worlds.

After our successful second CRP at the end of December 2023, we are all looking forward to being able to apply not only what we have learned, but also bring our own potential and personalities to the project business.

I can now look back on four intensive months of concentrated knowledge building. And I can say for myself that I find it wonderful to be welcomed into a corporate culture that is so supportive during the onboarding process. Because whenever I had questions, my colleagues were always there to lend an ear.

So, to all who are also interested in such great team experiences in the workplace, I can only recommend you start your (professional) project with Arineo too!

*CRP: If the term ‘conference room pilot’ is unfamiliar to you, it actually refers to the presentation of a pilot project in the conference room, including testing. In our CRP, we presented our learning status based on completed tasks.

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