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8. February 2024
2 Minutes
Dr. Astrid Selke, Kollegin bei Arineo mit Hund

Responsibility and part-time. Working to your own rhythm – Part 3

With flexible working hours and the option to work part-time, our colleagues have a variety of ways to organize their everyday lives. Why this does not contradict taking on responsibility is explained by Dr. Astrid Selke, personal and organizational developer, in the final article of our small part-time series.

Part-time management? Some might think, “That can’t work.” And I can rightly claim: “Yes, it does!” Because you can see from me that it works. At Arineo, I am a member of the management team and work as a personnel and organizational developer. That’s a lot of responsibility and yet it doesn’t conflict with my part-time working model. Taking responsibility is not a question of daily working hours. Of course, my working days are intensive, but they are also fulfilling. At Arineo, we are a team and work together accordingly. This means finding solutions on how all part-time workers can be best integrated. For example, we plan full-day events well in advance to give our colleagues enough time to organize childcare or schedule meetings in the morning so that everyone can participate. Taking on responsibility and working part-time are not mutually exclusive at Arineo.

Flexible. Remote. Part-time.

Whether it’s due to family needs, further education, personal commitments, or interests, there is always a way to adjust working hours, whether reducing or increasing, to fit individual circumstances. Flexible working hours are part of everyday life for us, thanks to:

  • Flexible daily working hours
  • Individual working time models in consultation with the team and in line with the job
  • Accumulating and using hours on a working time account
  • Depositing hours or vacation days into the so-called life working time account, for example, to use for sabbaticals
  • Work remotely or in the office according to personal preferences

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