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24. January 2024
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Three young talents from Arineo have completed their training ahead of schedule

Three trainees from Göttingen IT service provider Arineo have successfully passed their final exams after shortening the regular training period. The newly qualified specialist IT application developers are now continuing to work in permanent positions at the company.
3 Azubis, die 2024 ihre Ausbildung bei Arineo verkürzen konnten.

[Göttingen, 24.01.2024] At the start of the last year of training in August 2023, the three young women had already decided to shorten their training period. This is only possible under certain conditions. This includes previous professional knowledge, educational background, or above-average performance. “Alexandra Wolpers, Mihriban Aras, and Sophie Lau earned the shortening in their training with above-average performance,” reports Arineo training manager Eileen Zimbal, adding: “The superb test results have fully confirmed our confidence in them.”

Arineo has established itself as a training company for application developers in Göttingen and considers itself well-positioned in the training of its own junior staff. The company offers training in the areas of process optimization and e-commerce. “Depending on the skills and interests of the young people, we work with them to find the right direction,” says Eileen Zimbal, explaining the application process. The company has gained very good experience in assigning trainees responsibility for tasks and even projects at an early stage. For graduate Sophie Lau, projects include the design and creation of a website for a local education provider, including customer coordination and the implementation of the Arineo hacker school. “As a communicative person, I thought it was great to not only acquire technical skills during my training but also to be able to pass on my enthusiasm for the profession to others. This allowed me to introduce pupils to the processes and ways of thinking in IT in our hacker school in a playful way.”

For the trainers at Arineo, it is particularly important not only to impart the tools of the trade to their trainees but also to provide them with plenty of practical insights and thus into customer projects. Graduate Mihriban Aras can confirm this: “The highlight of my training was being able to participate in the go-live of a customer project. It gave me important insights into my future working life and, most importantly, I really enjoyed it.” For Alexandra Wolpers, this was also one of the reasons for shortening the training period: “Having more responsibility earlier, spending more time in the company and on customer projects, and, of course, getting a higher salary earlier motivated me a lot to invest in qualifying earlier.” In doing so, she is acting entirely in line with the company, where independent work is highly valued.

Arineo trains IT specialists in application development at its Göttingen and Butzbach offices. The company offers business informatics as a dual study program at its Göttingen and Chemnitz offices. Eileen Zimbal (eileen.zimbal@arineo.com) can answer questions about dual studies, training, or internships at Arineo. Further information can be found online at: https://arineo.com/en/become-part-of-the-team/pupils/

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Alexandra Wolpers, Mihriban Aras, and Sophie Lau are delighted to have completed their training.