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29. August 2023
7 Minutes
Arineo Azubis beim Minigolf

From preboarding to offboarding. All trainees at the start!

Our first-year trainees have passed the exam and the new trainees are already at the door. Reason enough to celebrate. Everyone had a lot of fun at our trainee event in June. Of course, we don't want to deprive you of that. In our interview with Tom Dornieden, second-year apprentice, we provide insights into the event and apprentice life at Arineo.

Hi Tom, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Shall we start with your description of how the Arineo trainee event went?

Hello, we started the event by traveling together by city bus from the Arineo headquarters to NeonGolf in Göttingen. There we met the new trainees and dual students for the first time. They also had the opportunity to participate in the event before their training/studies at Arineo started. When we arrived, we had some time to get to know each other and to chat.

Tom Dornieden

After a short briefing by NeonGolf, we were then divided into small, colorfully mixed, groups. And then the fun started. Through 3D glasses, special designs on the lanes, and blacklight, our human eyes were frequently deceived. Playing in the small groups was a lot of fun, so the time flew by. We laughed a lot and had pleasant conversations. After all the groups were finished, we had a short celebration for the winners. However, the event did not end there. This was followed by a trip to a restaurant, where we ended the evening together with delicious food and plenty to drink.

Neon golf sounds exciting. How did you come up with this activity and who was involved in planning the event?

We were allowed to choose the activity ourselves. Firstly, we, meaning all the apprentices, collected suggestions. Then followed a vote and so NeonGolf was chosen. Alternative activities included a cooking class, escape room, or canoeing. The actual organizing and planning was then done by our training officer.

You've already described a little bit how neon golf works. What fascinated you the most?

Neon golf is a type of indoor miniature golf game. The special thing is the design of the rooms and lanes. As the name neon golf suggests, you can find many different designs with neon colors on the floor and walls. Together with blacklight and 3D glasses, these designs came to life and sometimes you had to check with your hands and feet if there is really something there or if it was just an illusion. We were constantly surprised with each lane. I particularly liked the fact that I was in a group with colleagues, some of whom I don’t have much to do with. This gave us a chance to get to know each other even better.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Certainly, there were funny and quirky moments. Which ones were they?

It was fun in any case. A particularly funny moment doesn’t come to mind right now. The bus rides, however, were a small highlight. It reminded me a lot of school field trips and the atmosphere was very similar.

Since the trainees for the new training year were already there, did you have the opportunity to get to know each other better while playing golf? Were you able to make contacts?

Yes, as mentioned before, we had a short time before the start of the neon golf. Personally, I was also able to get to know a new trainee during this time, as we were in a group together. But the real exchange began after that in the restaurant. There, in a pleasant atmosphere, you could have many lovely conversations.

Your instructors were also present at the event. Didn't that bother you?

No, not at all. Here at Arineo, we have a very good and personal relationship with our trainers and all other employees in general.

Sometimes ideas or suggestions on how to improve training or the working environment arise during such events. Were there any conversations or discussions about such topics during the day?

I do not remember specific suggestions, but it was very interesting to talk with other apprentices from different years and areas about the projects they were working on and how some of their processes worked. It was also a chance to discuss areas where they might see room for improvement.

Are there things that you see differently after the event or that have changed your perspective on working together as a team or with instructors?

My perspective was confirmed after the event. Working in our team is a lot of fun and there is a good and familiar working atmosphere. I get along well with all the instructors and all the trainees. Furthermore, I want to continue to actively represent and implement Arineo’s mission and values.

Gruppenfoto der Arineo Azubis

Is there anything you would like to change or use in your further training or your interaction with colleagues and instructors?

Personally, I am very happy. However, in the future, I want to always be open to new technologies and perspectives, and seek feedback from colleagues more often, so I can benefit from their experiences.

Would you say that such team events play an important role for trainees, and would you recommend other trainees to participate in similar activities? Why is this?

I think that such events are very important for team building. Because there you have the opportunity to meet all the other trainees as well as trainers and to talk personally outside of work. You don’t get the chance to do that too often because we are in different departments and therefore don’t see each other every week. Such an event is also important for new trainees/students at the beginning to get to know others. I would definitely recommend attending.

I think that such events are very important for team building. Because there you have the opportunity to meet all the other trainees as well as trainers and to talk personally outside of work.

Are there already ideas for further events?

Here at Arineo, there are many different events. Next is the Arineo Party, where all employees from all locations worldwide can participate. There are no plans for a new apprentice event yet, but I’m confident that due to the consistently positive feedback, such an event will take place next year as well.

Thank you for the interview, Tom!