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Learn from your data

Experience is worth its weight in gold - but data is often even more accurate. By analyzing your company's historical data, you can uncover unexpected correlations. This reduces sources of error and inefficiencies and ensures that your decisions are not made out of habit. You will be amazed at how much optimization potential there is in every company!

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Sales insights

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Customer insights

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Intelligent sourcing

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Knowledge mining

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Sales insights

Take the right steps to win your leads. Sales Insights supports you from lead analysis and evaluation to sales forecasts. Fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Customer insights

Address your customers specifically. With Customer Insights, you get a 360-degree view of the customer - beyond system boundaries. AI-supported customer segmentation makes it easier for you to execute and evaluate marketing campaigns. Fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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You want to know what AI means and what added value this can bring to your company?


We help you to shed light on the data that is in your company and provide you with artificial intelligence support, to take the right measures for your business success.


Systems continue to develop. We keep a constant eye on your solution and support you in its further development.

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Intelligent sourcing

Reduce your time-to-market and optimize your procurement process. By automatically recognizing products and their special features, you avoid manual work and increase your efficiency.

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Knowledge mining

Do you know what you know? Your company has accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge over the years. Whether in e-mails, images, or files. We help you to access this knowledge easily, to leverage synergies, and avoid unnecessary work.

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AI and ethics at Arineo

At Arineo, we rely on artificial intelligence. And we are aware of the responsibility that comes with it. For this reason, we are committed to ethical principles that focus our work and guide our actions.

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