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Learn from your data

In the digital world, masses of new data is created every day. Keeping track of it all is not easy. We make sure that you get more out of your data pools for your business - for example, from production, machine, supplier, or customer data. We uncover correlations, minimize sources of error, reduce inefficiencies, and support fact-based and transparent decisions. Use the raw material of the 21st century: data.

Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

Image, Sound & Video Segmentation

Our experts will show you how you can automate and speed up your manual processes based on image, sound and video recognition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insights

When implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, the focus is on modernising and optimising your business processes.

AI Academy

Use our AI Academy to set up an in-house competence team for machine learning, data science, data analysis and visualisation.

Design Thinking

Our methodical approach identifies processes in your company that can be optimised with AI to make them faster, more cost-effective and secure.

Anomaly Detection

Our AI-powered anomaly detection helps your risk management respond to anomalies proactively.

Decision Support

With us as your partner, you can build a comprehensive system for analysing and reviewing your relevant KPIs.

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Reduce Costs: Image Recognition in Agribusiness

With our AI image segmentation, we help customers from the agribusiness sector to clearly and accurately identify difficult-to-detect leaf diseases using image recognition algorithms. On the one hand, this makes the farmers' work easier, and on the other hand, reduces the use of sprays, which minimises costs and protects the environment. You, too, can intelligently use information based on data to optimise your yields and profits.

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"With Arineo, we have found a partner with whom we can discuss all our artificial intelligence questions. For example, we had a problem where we wanted to draw a field on a satellite image with just a single click. Arineo's AI team developed a neural network specifically for this purpose, which learns independently and solves the problem. The boundaries to other fields, houses, forest paths, etc. are automatically detected and the polygon is accurately drawn. We are currently working on a further development of the model that also recognises individual groups of trees in a field and removes them."

Nils Busse, Head of Expert Hub IT Applications, Customer Services, Global Information Technology

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Intelligent Spare Parts Recognition in E-Commerce

Our AI image, sound & video segmentation can be used in any industry and for any requirement, always with the aim of automating manual processes. With a modern B2B spare parts store, with image recognition for quick and error-free identification of the defective part, you can efficiently help your customers. This is how you stand out from your competition in the long term.

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Get to Know Customers and Evaluate Sales Opportunities

We help you to use and customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI-supported functionality and to integrate it into the optimisation process. Sales Insights helps you from lead analysis and evaluation to sales forecasts. Start taking the right steps to win your leads. With Customer Insights, you get a 360-degree view of your customers – across system boundaries. AI-supported customer segmentation makes it easier for you to execute and evaluate marketing campaigns.

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Optimise Data Quality with an AI-Driven App

If you need flexible and mobile data analysis, feel free to use our SaaS app Arineo AI Anomaly Detection. ANTON analyses your data and quickly and reliably flags data outliers. This way you can efficiently increase the quality of large data sets.

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