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19. December 2023
3 Minutes

No more toothache: moving into the future of the dental business with Microsoft!

After a successful kick-off, Renfert and Arineo are excited to further drive the company's digital transformation. By installing Microsoft D365 Customer Service, processes are expected to be optimized and customer satisfaction increased.
MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service in der Dentaltechnik bei Renfert GmbH

Together with Arineo, Renfert, a hidden champion in the field of dental technology from the Lake Constance region, has developed a digitization strategy. It comprises three sub-projects: an internal and external service management tool based on Microsoft D365 Customer Service, as well as an AI-based chatbot for handling customer inquiries. All involved processes and business areas of the company, which was founded in 1925, will be automated to a greater extent, thus qualitatively improved.

With an internal service management tool (ITSM), Renfert initially aims to strengthen its internal IT communication. The digitization of processes is expected to relieve the IT team, especially in terms of organization, planning, and support of IT services within the company.

Renfert supplies its products to more than 120 countries. Accordingly, the service efforts for warranty and repairs are extensive. With the introduction of Microsoft D365 Customer Service, customer service is expected to be further optimized and accelerated. Customer communication will be supported by automated processes and dashboards that provide a clear and detailed view of customer interactions. Agents can keep a close eye on their customers at all times. This reduces response times and improves the linking of follow-up business. For example, a hotline service can evolve into a maintenance or repair order.

Sebastian Herz - Renfert GmbH

“Arineo already brings a lot of market expertise and not only provides us with the ticket system but is also building the integration to the project module in Microsoft D365 for Finance and Operations. This allows the customer process to be directly linked with processing and accounting, creating a smart transition to follow-up business.”

Sebastian Herz, Member of the Management Board of Renfert GmbH

To round off the overall strategy, Arineo also collaborates closely and in partnership with STZ IT Business Consulting, Renfert’s implementation partner for Microsoft D365 for Finance and Operations.

As the icing on the cake, Arineo’s AI team will develop an AI solution for Renfert’s customers. The Copilot Studio will help increase the level of automation and automatically answer recurring customer questions, such as requesting a user manual.

“This puts us in a great position for our service in three dimensions: warranty, repair, and as a service partner,” says Sebastian Herz, summarizing the aim of the project.

Our Solution in the Renfert Project

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