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20. December 2023
5 Minutes
Person am PC - Deutschlandstipendium

Jump into your career right after the Deutschlandstipendium

We enjoy supporting young, dedicated talent. That is why we have been a long-term partner of the Deutschlandstipendium (German scholarship program), an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Thanks to the financial support, students can focus even more on their studies. It's a win-win situation for us when, as in Nicola Monecke’s case, graduates join us directly after their studies.

Hello Nicola, we are excited to get insights into your career choice, your entry into the working world, and your work at Arineo during this interview. You have been working as a software developer in the technical implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO with us for a year.

You chose a technical profession; was that always your wish?

Nicola: It became apparent very early on that I had more of a mathematical/technical talent. As a young child, I was constantly taking things apart and sometimes putting them back together again. I had my first encounter with a computer at the age of 4. Back then, “Fin Fin” (life simulation with artificial intelligence) was very popular. Towards the end of school, it was clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career that I enjoyed and that suited me. Since learning science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and math came particularly easy to me, I initially decided to study electrical engineering and then applied computer science.

What aspects of your IT studies particularly fascinated you and motivated you to choose this degree program?

Nicola: I wanted to pursue my curiosity in the technical field. I enjoy improving applications for users through my work or making interfaces more user-friendly for them.

You became aware of Arineo through the Deutschlandstipendium and did an internship with us. Which projects or tasks at Arineo deepened your interest in applied computer science and helped you gain practical experience?

Nicola: There is definitely the practical work with databases or the ‘X++’ mixture. By that, I mean SQL-like querying of data from the database up to generic programming. I was also excited to use algorithms I learned at university in a BI project at Arineo, which was created using Python.

Has working with experienced professionals at Arineo influenced your personal and professional development? And if so, to what extent?

Nicola: I think it’s great that I can pester my colleagues at Arineo until I have all the information I need for my work. I hadn’t experienced that before – I usually had to find the information I needed elsewhere, without help.
What I also think is great about Arineo as a company is that I can contribute to developing the company’s structures and influencing them. Overall, I like the daily work environment at Arineo, including the way we interact with each other. From a technical standpoint, I think it’s great that I can keep learning new programming languages, for example.

We are delighted that you have decided to join us as a software developer. What motivated you to do so?

Nicola: Definitely my nice colleagues, whom I had gotten to know previously, played a big part, as did the stable, mutually supportive, and considerate culture. Last but not least, the work, which I really enjoy, also plays a big role.

What are your professional plans moving forward? Have you specialized, and how does Arineo support you on your career path?

Nicola: I am in the process of specializing in MD D365FO, and that’s where I want to stay.

What opportunities does Arineo offer you to successfully balance studies, career, and personal interests?

Nicola: Having the choice between working from home and in the office and flexible working hours, I can organize my day independently. It’s all a matter of organization.

Do you see different approaches to programming between women and men? If so, how does this affect working together?

Nicola: I don’t see any difference there. Regardless of gender, methodological competence and communication are decisive factors. So how do I start something and how do I continue working on a task to achieve the desired results? Here I can benefit equally from experienced colleagues, male or female.

Diversity is important in teamwork. Do you have examples of how Arineo fosters an inclusive and diverse work environment, especially for young women?

Nicola: I feel very well looked after at Arineo and have found excellent role models among my colleagues. At this point, many thanks to Sabine, Ricarda, and Manu. In addition, networking among colleagues at Arineo is very easy.

From flexible working hours to team activities, what other aspects of Arineo’s work culture contribute to your enjoyment of coming to work?

Nicola: I am satisfied with my work, the result makes sense. I am seen and recognized as a person.

What should young women expect when considering a career in STEM? Why should they consider Arineo as an employer?

Nicola: In my opinion, women who choose a career in STEM should be prepared to have at least 90% male colleagues, who may underestimate them. Some companies may also use women as figureheads if they have a low percentage of women. In my opinion, women should have a very high tolerance for frustration and a lot of patience. Here at Arineo, teamwork is the key. At Arineo, most colleagues want to work on an equal footing and are happy to receive and accept input from other people. They accept people as they are, with all their differences. I like that.

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