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20. November 2023
2 Minutes
Olga Mang - Arineo Kollegin

With the whole family. Working to your own rhythm – Part 1

Whether it's due to family needs, further education, personal commitments, or interests, there is always a way to adjust working hours, whether reducing or increasing, to fit individual circumstances. Our junior developer Olga Mang shares how this arrangement affects her satisfaction in the first part of our short series on part-time work.

The decision to work part-time was primarily motivated by two factors. Firstly, I have a child and need to be able to adjust my working hours accordingly. Secondly, I live a little further away, which makes it difficult to work exclusively in the office. In this situation, the support of colleagues in the office is crucial. Arineo supports me in balancing part-time work and my personal commitments in various ways. The company allows me to work partly from home and flexibly manage my working hours. Moreover, appointments are mostly scheduled during the time that I have childcare.

Due to the predominantly flexible scheduling and the option to work 30 hours per week, I can better structure my life around work. For example, I can take trips with my child or attend personal appointments without major difficulties. I was told at the interview that the company would consider my child and that it would not be a problem to work less than full-time. This allowed me to start work relaxed and happy, despite the challenges of having a child and the greater distance between home and work.

Even as a part-time employee, I feel well-integrated into the company and the team. I see little difference to working full-time, except that I finish work earlier on some afternoons. When I’m in the office two days a week, I often stay longer. I also enjoy participating in joint activities outside of working hours.