Ar :in :eo – Artifical Intelligence, employee owned

We rely on innovative technologies and strong employee orientation. With a sustainable ownership structure and a modern management approach.

Our idea

What if a company belongs to the employees themselves? If no owner can sell it, and profits remain in the company? A successful, stable company in which you enjoy working and which you yourself can shape? Where responsibility and capital are hand in hand?

This is the idea with which Arineo was founded at the end of 2018 - with three employees and the desire to create their own working environment. Arineo has received incredible interest from people who were aware of this idea, and who wanted to change their way of working. Quickly, companions from industry came on board. Further managing directors were appointed and new locations in Germany and Austria were founded. At the end of 2019, a further location was added in China and at the end of 2020 in Denmark.

We are driven by the idea of being independent and doing the job we love in an environment that allows us to work successfully for our clients. This idea became Arineo - over 270 employees with a common goal.

Company history

  • 2018
    • Arineo is founded, Moers
    • Management Martin Schweicher
  • 2019
    • Company headquarters in Göttingen
    • Management expanded: Martin Renker, Frank Wilkes, Frank Jakobi, Dr. Marko Weinrich
    • Growth: 150 Arineo Colleagues
    • New locations added in Aachen, Bielefeld, Chemnitz, Greven, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Shanghai & Vienna.
    • Turnover: 13,0 Mio. €
  • 2020
    • Member of Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications
    • 240 Arineo Colleagues worldwide
    • News locations in Copenhagen, Danmark
    • Umsatz: 22,9 Mio. €

  • 2021
    • Official research partner of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    • New locations in Cologne und Düsseldorf
    • Growth: 270 Arineo Colleagues
    • Turnover: 31,7 Mio. €

  • 2022
    • Growth: 340 Arineo Colleagues
    • New locations in Bremen and Butzbach
    • Award Top Job 2022 best employer, best Top Job Training Company and kununu Top Company 2023
    • Turnover: 40,9 Mio. €

man finds a way out of a labyrinth

Our strategy

We offer the companies in our target groups complete customer solutions, tailored to their requirements.

Our customers expect long-lasting relationships, excellent service, both before and after the purchase, and high overall quality in the relationship.

They know that we understand their business and personal matters, and trust us to create the best overall solution for them.

Employee owned

By 2024 at the latest, the whole company will belong to the workforce. There will be a kind of association in which only employees can become members and which will own Arineo GmbH. Members make a small financial contribution and can take part in determining the association's board of directors. This in turn determines the supervisory board and, thus, indirectly also the management - as this is appointed by the supervisory board. In this way, the direct influence of the employees is exercised by the election of the board of directors. The reasoning behind it: Arineo GmbH must maintain its position on the market like any other company. Its management must act because it is bound to the legislator and the shareholders. The special ownership structure, in turn, secures the real goal: Arineo is supposed to be a company that cannot become an object of speculation and where profits are at the sole disposal of the company and its objectives - a so-called Purpose Company. We are convinced that this has a double benefit, especially in the area of IT services. The employees can be sure that everything that is collectively generated serves the stability and further development of the company. Furthermore, a sale that affects every IT company, is not possible against the will of the workforce. This also stabilizes Arineo in the eyes of its customers. Staff turnover is very low and all profits can be invested in its people, technologies, and processes.

Committees / Structure

Our goal is to have an ownership structure till 2024, which we call "Employee Owned Company" or in short "EOC". The company should be owned by those who work in it. The required initial capital of Arineo-GmbH was provided exclusively by employees. They provided capital to an investment company, which is the sole shareholder of Arineo GmbH. The investment company has two managing directors and a supervisory board comprised of five volunteers. Both were appointed by the shareholders from within their own ranks.

The supervisory board has the formal task of advising and monitoring the management of the investment company. They, in turn, ensure that the Arineo GmbH management operates in accordance with, and within the framework of, the founding principles. The managing directors of Arineo GmbH cannot be members of these bodies.

The control and monitoring tasks are implemented via monthly meetings. Any business that requires approval per the articles of association is discussed there. All relevant and general issues and actions are also jointly agreed upon. Twice a year, a shareholders' meeting is held - currently about a quarter of the workforce. This structure already ensures the participation of employees at all levels of the company, not only in the operative business with the concept of cooperative management.

Within this framework, the Arineo GmbH management controls the operative business. The fact that only fundamental and overarching issues are coordinated in the committees ensures that the Arineo GmbH management can act with high operational flexibility. This is just as high as in any other company with a "classic" ownership structure.

The people behind it