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Deichmann SE

Unique. Personalized. Highly scalable.

An astonishing user experience combined with a cost effective system architecture at scale sets up Deichmann’s ways for the future.

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Arineo @ Deichmann

Application & System Architecture

Concept and architecture for a state-of-the-art commerce solution which scales up to serve multi million users at the same time

Frontend & Backend Development

Development of a single page application built with Angular and served by microservices out of SAP Commerce


Concept and implementation of the Continuous Integration & Delivery to achieve cost effectiveness at scale

Coaching & Training

Coaching & Training of Deichmann staff to ensure a smooth working experience

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Customers all over the world experience a really fast and responsive application which leads to a unique customer experience and loyalty. The frontend is built as a single page application which ensures fast loading & reaction times due to Server Side Rendering supported by a Node.Js stack.


SAP Commerce builts the basis for the personalized customer experience and straight business processes. A solid application architecture ensures fast development and short reaction times to customer needs.

Continuous Integration

Real-time deployments without downtimes and a high scalability at reasonable costs require solid Continuous Integration and deployments. Arineo’s experts helped Deichmann to build up a state-of-the-art Continuous Integration which allows the easy handling and monitoring of their massive server landscape.

Our solutions in the Deichmann project

Generate more business success with SAP E-Commerce.

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Patrick Hey
Patrick Hey
Head of Customer Experience Solutions