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19. January 2024
2 Minutes

EOC go-live is expected to take place during the year

Originally planned for January 1, 2024, the conversion to an employee-owned company has been delayed. It serves to ensure the non-saleability and financial independence of our company. We are confident that we will implement our project in 2024.
Wibke Jellinshaus und Daniel Piekorz
Wibke Jellinshaus und Daniel Piekorz

“Unfortunately, the transformation of our company is taking longer than originally thought. This is because our business model is new and the parties involved have to familiarize themselves with the subject matter. There is no blueprint yet,” explains Wibke Jellinghaus, chairwoman of our employees’ association. After the conversion, the association will control the Arineo Foundation, which will own 100 percent of the company’s shares. This will give employees indirect control over the company and ensure that the management runs the company in their interests.

Overview of the conversion of our company into an employee-owned company.

When we founded Arineo in 2018, it was clear: the company would be transferred to the ownership of the workforce after an initial period of ten years supported by internal investors. Thanks to the excellent development of our start-up, we were able to bring forward the planned conversion by five years. “Against this background, the current delay is unfortunate, but not dramatic,” says Wibke.

Until the actual conversion, we will continue to manage the company as usual. “And once we have successfully completed the process, we will share our knowledge with other companies,” adds Daniel Piekorz, deputy chairman of the employees’ association, “There is great interest in our corporate form.”

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Employee-owned company

We founded Arineo as an employee-owned company to make the company unsellable and to ensure that the earned capital stays within the company.

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Cooperative organisation

We have developed our own model of collaboration: the Arineo model of cooperative organization.

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Organizational development

We want people to want to stay with us – this is a meaningful guiding principle for our company, not only in times of skilled labor shortages.

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