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29. June 2023
5 Minutes
Auszubildender bei Arineo im CX-Bereich im Interview.

Shaping the future together: insights into the working world at Arineo

"We’re all working towards a common goal and that gives me a deep sense of belonging and community."

In our interview with Adrian, an apprentice in the CXS department at Arineo, we take a look at the exciting world of training at Arineo. Adrian shares his experiences and tells us how he contributes to bringing the corporate value “shaping the future together” to life in his training and daily work. Find out more about his role, his challenges, and how he appreciates the informal atmosphere at Arineo, which allows him to be not just part of a team, but part of a community.

Hello Adrian. What’s your job at Arineo?

Hello. I am in the second year of my apprenticeship and work in the CXS department at Arineo. CXS stands for Customer Experience Solutions and includes responsibility for web stores. My focus is on offering our customers the best service.

What exactly does your job entail?

I have already acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills during my training. After I had successfully completed the introductory and familiarization phase, I was given the opportunity to create my own web store from scratch. This gave me a deep insight into the complexity of the processes required for a functioning web store and at the same time taught me how to plan and implement a large-scale project efficiently. After completing my first year of training, I gave a presentation to my colleagues detailing the knowledge and experience I had gained.

In the meantime, my role has evolved and I am working on a customer project in which I am designing a B2B store for a pump service provider.

How do our corporate values support your daily work and how do they help you make decisions?

Our corporate values ensure that I have a lot of fun at work. They make me feel like a valuable member of the team, especially as an apprentice. We can rely on each other, and everyone can contribute their strengths. Making decisions was a bit challenging for me at first because I sometimes didn’t know exactly which topics to focus on. But over the course of almost two years, this has improved and I can often make decisions in a way that results in solutions that my colleagues and I are happy with.

At Arineo, we adhere to 15 values. Which of these values is especially important to you?

Phew! That’s a good question because all of our values ensure that we work together effectively and harmoniously as a team. But if I really had to choose one value, it would probably be “shaping the future together”.

For me, “shaping the future together” is a key value at Arineo, embodying the constant flow of development and innovation that permeates my training and daily work. What I particularly like about this value is the duality of its meaning: on one hand, it refers to the progress and changes we strive for and achieve as a company. On the other hand, it speaks to me on a personal level, encouraging me to work on my own skills and continuously improve.

Moreover, this value creates a strong sense of togetherness. We are not just colleagues working together; we are a team embarking on a journey together to shape the future. There is a common goal that we are all working towards, giving me a deep sense of belonging and community.

What does the corporate value mean to you and how do you personally contribute to living this value in your daily work?

For me, the corporate value “shaping the future together” means actively working towards changes and improvements while keeping the team spirit in mind. It is a blend of personal development and collaboration to achieve common goals.

In my daily work, I try to live this value in various ways. On the one hand, I focus on expanding my skills and deepening my knowledge. I always strive to learn the latest technologies and methods, enhancing my programming expertise. I am always open to new knowledge, viewing each challenge as an opportunity to improve myself and contribute to the company’s progress.

On the other hand, collaboration is very important to me. I firmly believe that we can only achieve the best results by sharing our ideas, knowledge, and skills. That’s why I strive to be an active part of the team by regularly attending meetings, contributing ideas, and providing and receiving feedback. I also strive to foster a positive working atmosphere by helping others where I can and maintaining an open, respectful interaction.

Is there a specific situation in which you found this value particularly important? If so, can you tell us more about it?

Countless situations make it clear to me that Arineo is much more than just a company. The informal atmosphere here plays a central role because it contributes significantly to my sense of well-being at Arineo. There’s mutual appreciation and respect that goes beyond the mere work level, resulting in not just colleagues around me but also friends. It is particularly encouraging for me to see how each individual contributes and is supported in bringing out the best in themselves.