25. juli 2023
2 Minutes
2 Fahrräder am Strand. Bundesweite Aktion Stadtradeln 2023

Stadtradeln 2023. Get on your bike and reduce CO2 emissions.

Motivating people to give up trips by car and switch to bicycles has been working very successfully for years via the nationwide "Stadtradeln” (city cycling) campaign. We were quickly able to inspire colleagues at our Göttingen and Hamburg offices to join in. Everyone’s goal was to cover as many kilometers as possible by bicycle, both for personal and professional purposes. In Göttingen, colleagues have already started the three-week city cycling program.

City cycling takes place annually from May 1st to September 30th for 21 consecutive days. The specific start date is determined by the municipality itself. In principle, anyone can participate and it’s common for companies to form teams. This is precisely what we did at our Göttingen, Hamburg, and Mannheim offices.

Whether it’s commuting, shopping, or just for fun, ditching the car and switching to a bike is crucial for the climate. That’s why every kilometer cycled counts in the city cycling event. Even within our team, several kilometers were contributed from daily commutes. Everything from short commutes to long bike tours was included, covering all that’s possible with a bicycle.

“Even after the three-week city cycling period, I now think much more often about whether a journey can be done by bike. I live in a rural area and depend on my car, but since the city cycling program I now opt for my bike for many trips,” explains Susanne Spellerberg from the Göttingen team.

Even though our team was only placed in the middle of the rankings in our municipality this year, we are sure that more trips will be made by bike as a result of the city cycling program. No matter what the motivation behind participation, every kilometer traveled without a motorized vehicle is essential for our climate.

Here are our results for Göttingen:

9 cyclists | 1,208 kilometers | 195.6kg CO2 saved

We wish our Hamburg team a lot of fun and success in saving CO2 emissions in September.