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31. juli 2023
3 Minutes
5 Arineo Kolleg:innen beim Trainee Bootcamp 2023

The Arineo Bootcamp. Three months of input focused around Microsoft Dynamics

The first attempt of our training program turned out to be a resounding success. Affectionately referred to as bootcamp, four women and one man immersed themselves in the new world of IT consulting. You can read about their experience in the training for Junior Consultants ERP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM in this article by participant Winnifred Lachner.

Three months filled with input are now behind us. We are now working in our new teams, which is great because, after the intensive training period, we can now fully engage in our projects. The trainee program was very intensive and demanding. At the same time, it was a great time of learning and getting to know each other, most of which we spent together in Göttingen.

Fabian Heider, Susan Hedler, Petra Oelkers, Fabiola Yesum-Manjoh, and I had a lot of fun together – despite significant age differences and diverse backgrounds. We experienced a lot of mutual support, from each other and the Arineo team as a whole. Thanks to this support, we were quickly integrated into the company and, as my bootcamp colleagues would say:

"Existing employees already have their projects and groups, so it's great when trainees also feel like they belong to and are accepted in their group, and that's what the trainee program offers." Petra Oelkers

"It's challenging but very exciting."
Fabiola Yesum-Manjoh

My personal highlights in the program are the team feeling and the compact knowledge transfer. Our training initially included some basic courses on Microsoft D365 FSCM, such as Global Address Book, Product Information Management, Accounts Payable incl. Procurement, Accounts Receivable incl. Mandates. We then deepened our knowledge, covering Warehouse Management (warehouse structure, basic concepts of warehouse management and storage location management, reservations, goods receipt, working with mobile devices), Production (production order, bills of materials, production planning and scheduling, production control), Retail (eCommerce, POS), and Finance (general ledger, taxes, accounts receivable, accounts payable, asset accounting). General topics, such as working with Azure DevOps, the Arineo project methodology, and the Microsoft Eco-System were also included, rounding off the program.

Ten points for our bootcamp success

For my fellow trainees and me, the following points have emerged as key to the program’s success:

  1. Compact knowledge transfer with a well-thought-out system
  2. Effective learning in small learning groups
  3. Successful presentation of learning outcomes through simulated customer presentations (CRPs) and good feedback
  4. Collaboration among trainees and with instructors, mentors, and other participants
  5. A sense of belonging and mutual support within the team
  6. Participants from outside Göttingen had the opportunity to stay in local accommodation, which created a strong sense of team spirit and a valuable network within the company.
  7. It’s really great that many different areas are linked and taught and that cross-divisional collaboration is encouraged.
  8. We each had a mentor who guided and supported us through the trainee program and beyond. But even during the training, employees were on hand to give us advice and support.
  9. You can actively support the trainee program with ideas, suggestions, and feedback.
  10. Private team meetings are proof of how much the trainee program fosters a sense of togetherness.

We can only recommend participating in the bootcamp. The next one starts in the fall. We wish all participants success and a lot of fun.