1. august 2023
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3 Arineo Kolleg:innen auf dem Butzbacher Berufsparcours

Speed dating with a twist – Arineo at the Butzbach Careers Fair

This year Arineo participated in the Butzbach Careers Course for the first time. The careers fair is an event organized by the Butzbach Business Association. It took place on May 17th, attracting about 300 students from the region. The fair had a speed-dating character. Benjamin Förster tells us how this was organized.

The career fair enables companies to introduce themselves to young people in a practical way and discover talents for their fields of work.

We had a total of three colleagues there, two trainers, and myself as a trainee. Our central focus was to bring “work samples” that provided insight into our field of work, that were accessible to all participants, and that fit into the event’s framework. Like speed dating, the students had only a few minutes before they had to move on to their next station.

We opted for smaller tasks that could be handled with the mini-computer “Calliope”. Even without programming knowledge, simple programs can be put together quickly with the Calliope. It was fascinating to see how differently the students approached the tasks and how, regardless of their previous knowledge, they came up with creative solutions.

At the end of the event, we were already sure that participating in the careers fair was a great success for Arineo because we were able to give numerous participants a feeling for our line of work. At the same time, Arineo was also able to present itself as a company in the region. The organizer’s video provides a great overview of how the course was organized. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the super atmosphere and listen to what the participants have to say. By the way, you will also meet my colleague René Kohlmann there.

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More Information

We are curious to see whether interested students will reach out to the Butzbach site for internships or the available training positions for next year.