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14. august 2023
4 Minutes
Kevin Schultz - Dualer Student bei Arineo im Interview.

Knowledge meets practice. Dive into a dual study program while on the job.

This year, we are launching a dual study program in collaboration with the University of Hildesheim at our head office in Göttingen. We can draw on the experience gained at our offices in Chemnitz and Bremen. It was only logical that we talked to our former students Felix Horn and Kevin Schultz about this beforehand.

Hi Felix, hi Kevin – it’s great that you could take the time to answer our questions.

Felix, you have successfully completed your studies in business informatics at the University of Glauchau in combination with practical training at our Chemnitz office – but let’s briefly go back to the beginning:

After learning the basics about the company and programming with X++ in the first two practical semesters, I started working on customer projects in the third semester. There, I took on my first small programming tasks. Although this was completely new to me, I was able to handle them well thanks to my knowledge from the first semesters. If I had any questions, I always had several contact persons who were super supportive.

How well were you able to use the theoretical knowledge from the lecture hall in the practical phase?

Of course, there are modules in the curriculum that cannot be directly applied in practice. However, there were also some whose content, such as programming (general programming, databases), or working on customer projects (agile project methods), that I could directly put into practice.

Was the alternation of theory and practice very exhausting?

I didn’t find it exhausting at all. Rather, I thought it was great to gain practical insights and accomplish something productive in addition to the theoretical knowledge from university.

What motivated you the most in your daily work or even in your studies?

Personally, I enjoyed working on customer projects from an early stage. Working in a project team and completing tasks has been particularly motivating for me.

Thank you for your insights into the practical aspect and I wish you success and enjoyment in your job!

Hello Kevin, you are studying computer science at our Bremen office. How did you hear about the dual studies program?

The dual study program in Bremen wasn’t actually advertised at Arineo. I just tried my luck and asked for an interview through an acquaintance who was already working here.

What do you consider to be the special advantages of this type of study?

In my opinion, the dual study program has the great advantage that you can already gain a lot of practical experience during your studies and establish a better foothold
in the working world. In addition, some organizational things have already been settled, so you have fewer things to worry about.

Have your expectations of the dual study program been met and are your wishes and needs being addressed?

My expectations were actually exceeded because the program’s content is very practical and I was also assigned to a customer project early on where I could gain experience. Through the regular exchange with my partner and mentor, I always have the opportunity to discuss my individual situation. I am always taken seriously and together, we look at what can be done to overcome challenges.

Have you been assigned someone to assist you with any questions about the company and your tasks?

I have two dedicated contacts: a partner who discusses everything to do with my work and its organization, and a mentor who is the first point of contact for me for content-related questions during work. However, I can generally approach any colleague with questions or problems.

Thank you too for sharing your insights.

We are very excited to be launching the dual study program at our headquarters in Göttingen in cooperation with the University of Hildesheim. If you would like to learn more, you can find out more on our dual studies information page.

Even more information about the dual study program and what it’s like to work at Arineo can be seen in the video of the IU University at Bremen.

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