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22. juni 2023
4 Minutes

Green light for the transfer of Arineo GmbH to employee ownership

Eleven employees of the IT service provider in Göttingen have founded an association for Arineo employees. In doing so, they lay the foundation for the transfer of the company to the responsibility ownership of the workforce. With this new structure, the company aims to attract more applicants, retain employees, and secure its position and long-term existence in the IT services market.
11 Mitarbeitende gründen den Arineo Mitarbeitendenverein, um das Unternehmen ins Verantwortungseigentum der Belegschaft zu überführen.

[Göttingen, 22.06.2023] “After an initial period supported by Arineo’s internal investors, the time has finally come: we’re making the first concrete step for the transfer of the company into the hands of the employees. This goal was already set in 2018 when Arineo GmbH was founded,” explains Wibke Jellinghaus, chair of the association, which was founded on June 16, 2023. Through this, the workforce will indirectly control the company. The association elects the three external members of the supervisory board, including the chairperson. Additionally, the person who holds the 1st chair of the association automatically becomes a member of the supervisory board. Two further supervisory board members come from among the employees and are elected by the entire workforce. This construct is intended to ensure the Employee Owned Company form developed by Arineo. It serves to prevent a sale of the company. 

“We are convinced that the Employee Owned Company structure we have developed offers tangible competitive advantages,” explains Dr. Marko Weinrich, CEO of Arineo GmbH, and continues: “Companies in the IT services sector have no assets such as production plants or production halls. Only the employees, their knowledge and their skills represent the company’s assets. That’s why we have to offer a stable environment that is attractive to applicants and employees – and keeps them motivated to work. We achieve this through this construct.” 

The actual restructuring of the company is scheduled to take place in 2024. Starting next year, all employees can join the association. “We would be delighted if as many of our colleagues as possible took the opportunity to help shape Arineo beyond their everyday professional lives,” reports Jellinghaus. After six months with the company, all Arineo employees can join the association as active and voting members; membership without voting rights is possible for former employees or deserving supporters of the company. “It is important for me to emphasize that we are not establishing a grassroots democracy in the company with the Employee Owned Company concept. Arineo GmbH will remain a company as before. The aim is to create the best possible conditions for us to provide outstanding IT services for our client companies. After all, that is our corporate purpose,” says Jellinghaus, recapitulating the Göttingen-based company’s plans. 

11 Mitarbeitende gründen den Arineo Mitarbeitendenverein, um das Unternehmen ins Verantwortungseigentum der Belegschaft zu überführen.

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The eleven members of the founding committee (from left to right): Ariane Mühlethaler, Frank Schiefelbein, Wibke Jellinghaus, Matthias Held, Daniel Jocks, Stefan Maliska, Daniel Piekorz, Kathrin Otto, Sarah Peters, Tim Dombrowski, Wolfgang Posch