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21. juni 2023
2 Minutes

Annata visit in Göttingen

Annata and Arineo are delighted with their close cooperation and the successful exchange of experiences in the equipment industry.

The two representatives of the Icelandic company Mark Holt, Senior Consultant in the Annata Equipment Industry Team, and Sebastian Schanz, Delivery Management CEE, visited our Annata technical team in Göttingen yesterday. Possible enhancements and improvements of the Annata 365 solutions in the equipment industry were discussed together in detail.

“We are pleased to have the additional benefit of the Arineo team’s wealth of experience in the equipment industry. Through the implementation of our Annata solutions at major players such as Kuhn or Grimme, Arineo has valuable industry knowledge, which we naturally want to take into account as far as possible for the Annata products roadmap,” commented Mark Holt after the meeting.

As cooperation partners, the two companies have been in close contact for many years. From equipment sales, rentals, and services and warranty processing and the dealer portal, Arineo’s specialist team implements the Annata 365 F&O or Annata CE solutions according to industry-specific methodologies. Here, their extensive process knowledge, as well as their multiply awarded Microsoft competencies, prove to be valuable assets.

“And the best part about our partnership: with Annata and Arineo, our customers have two partners from the Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications at their side,” says Marco Arndt, Vice President of Alliance Management at Arineo, highlighting a significant advantage of this cooperation.

Kooperationspartner Annata und Arineo beim Essen und Austausch in Göttingen