4. september 2023
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Arineo co-founds movement for sustainable business practices

The Göttingen IT service company Arineo is involved in the "Enkelfähig" movement as a founding member. The initiative for new entrepreneurship will be launched at the beginning of September on the Haniel Campus in Duisburg.
2 Personen  vor grünen Pflanzen. Daniel Piekorz und Dr. Marko Weinrich

[Göttingen, 01.09.2023] The Enkelfähig Summit starts on the 7th and 8th September 2023 on the campus of the family-owned Haniel company and is a new, Europe-wide movement for value-oriented business. Being “Enkelfähig” means living in harmony with economic thinking in a value-oriented manner and thereby creating sustainable companies for future generations. The highlight meeting aims to bring together executives and decision-makers from the business world. The goal: shaping an economy together that ensures a future worth living.

“We were immediately excited about the idea of providing investors, board members, CEOs, and founders with a platform where they can freely exchange ideas, make connections, and develop inspiring ideas for a sustainable future for their businesses,” says Dr. Marko Weinrich, spokesman for the Arineo management, regarding his motivation for co-founding the new movement. “We believe that performance-oriented business must combine with ecological and social responsibility for a future worth living,” adds Daniel Piekorz, member of the Arineo GmbH management team. By transferring the company into the ownership of its employees, the Göttingen-based IT service provider is ensuring sustainable corporate ownership in the interests of the workforce.

The Enkelfähig Summit is designed to help top decision-makers find new ways to shape their corporate success sustainably while living up to their social responsibility. Last-minute participants can still register to attend the Enkelfähig Summit.

About the Enkelfähig movement

The Enkelfähig movement is an initiative of like-minded entrepreneurs that combines entrepreneurship with environmental and social responsibility. The principle of the initiative is to work together for a sustainable, socially just, and economically forward-looking world that makes it worth living in for future generations. Participating companies are offered impulses, orientation, and a network with which they can bring together profitability and values and initiate the corresponding transformation.

About the Enkelfähig Summit

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The Enkelfähig Summit 2023 is an exclusive highlight meeting for C-level innovators and companies on their way to a future that is sustainable for future generations. On the 7th and 8th September, top decision-makers, shareholders, investors, and startups will have the opportunity to explore new opportunities, forge collaborations, and transform the future of business – towards a performance-driven economy united by environmental and social responsibility – during the summit at the Haniel Enkelfähig Campus. Under the umbrella of the summit, the Anthropia Festival will take place simultaneously on the Enkelfähig Campus, serving as a “Festival for Future Makers” that brings together impact startups, investors, and experts from the next business generations. Both events share the common goal of highlighting entrepreneurial opportunities in the face of current economic and societal challenges, and collaboratively exploring solutions and potentials considering climate change, resource scarcity, and biodiversity.

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