5. april 2024
2 Minutes

Enkelfähig Summit. Shaping future viability together.

For entrepreneurs, big decisions are day-to-day business. Profit or principles? Tradition or transformation? Finding the right balance presents daily challenges for entrepreneurs.
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But our future viability as a society and as entrepreneurs depends on how we define profit and growth. Therefore, we are convinced that economic success, ecological responsibility, and fair cooperation must go hand in hand. This is the only way our grandchildren will be able to benefit from our successes in the future.

Arineo is a co-founder of the new “future-proof” (Enkelfähig) movement. As a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, we want to rethink economic growth and unite entrepreneurship with ecological and social responsibility. In the Enkelfähig movement, we seek to inspire, support, and empower each other to create a future worth living for everyone.

To achieve this, we are looking for further allies.

Sounds exciting? Then register for the Enkelfähig Summit, the highlight event for visionary entrepreneurs:

The Enkelfähig Summit 2024 is the exclusive highlight meeting for C-level innovators and companies on their way to a sustainable future. Over two days, top decision-makers, shareholders, investors, and startups will have the chance to explore new opportunities, forge partnerships, and transform the future of business – towards a performance-driven economy united by environmental and social responsibility.

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July 4th/5th, 2024

Enkelfähig Summit

Enkelfähig Campus | Franz-Haniel-Platz 1 | 47119 Duisburg

Enkelfähig Summit

15. und 16. Mai 2025 Haniel Enkelfähig Campus, Duisburg

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