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30. juni 2023
5 Minutes
Gruppenfoto auf dem Arineo Sommerfest.

Sunshine and children’s eyes beaming with happiness: the first Arineo family festival

It was a great party! At our first family party in mid-June on the Zietenterrassen in Göttingen, there was a diverse program for young and old: bouncy castles, face painting, a skate park, and various stalls with tasty treats delighted the approximately 400 guests. For the first time, we brought our families along to a company party – and the concept was well-received by everyone involved.

It's nice to meet colleagues in a different setting - especially with family. Now our loved ones also know the people we spend a lot of time with every day. That feels really good!

The special feature of the party: we financed the event ourselves through active recruiting. The bonuses from our “Employees recruit employees” referral program are not paid out individually but go into a common pot, the Arineo Recruiting Pot (Areto). Once a year, the Areto is paid out: we donate a part and use the rest for wonderful shared experiences such as our family party. That’s clever, isn’t it?

The informal and relaxed atmosphere at the party was really nice. Everyone clearly had fun. Many children have already asked about the date of the next Arineo family party!