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1. marts 2024
3 Minutes
Arineo mit dem Zertifikat berufundfamilie ausgezeichnet. 2 Personen halten Zertifikat in den Händen.

Arineo: Pioneer in family friendliness

Our commitment to a good work-life balance and support for family needs is paying off. We have been awarded the "berufundfamilie" seal of approval, recognizing our family-friendly and life-phase-oriented HR policy. In our interview, we talk to two colleagues who have been instrumental in driving the certification at Arineo: Sarah Peters, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and HR Manager, and Jennifer Emrich, Recruiter.

Hello to both of you! Can you tell us how you reacted to this special recognition of receiving the “berufundfamilie” award?

Sarah: Hello! We are truly overwhelmed and delighted to receive this award. For us, receiving the “berufundfamilie” award confirms that our efforts to create a family-friendly working environment are paying off. Our primary focus is on a life-phase-oriented HR policy that considers all life plans and does not exclude anyone. This is also reflected in our concept of family.

Jenny: Absolutely, it is a great recognition for the continuous work we have done since our formation 5 years ago to balance the needs of our employees with their family and personal commitments.

What specific measures have you taken to promote this personnel policy?

Jenny: We have implemented various measures, including flexible working time models, allowing our employees to adapt their working hours to their individual needs. This also applies to part-time work; employees can tailor their working hours to take care of their families or loved ones or to have more time for special hobbies or volunteer work. Enabling remote working, whether from a home office or any other location, is part of our normal work routine. We also have a lifetime working time account where employees can accumulate hours to take a sabbatical or retire earlier, for example.

Sarah: We also strive to create a culture of personal responsibility and mutual support. Thus, part-time work at our company does not mean that employees cannot take on management responsibilities. Additionally, we promote and encourage open communication regarding our employees’ individual needs.

What are your plans for the future to maintain and further develop the family-friendly focus?

Sarah: The award motivates us to expand our existing activities and measures and also to create new ones in order to meet our employees’ needs. To this end, we will first discuss the individual measures in a small group and consider together how, and within what timeframe, we can implement them with the support of other colleagues. We want this award to be part of life at Arineo.

Jenny: At the same time, we have noticed that it is easier to recruit new talent. Many applicants are interested in companies that actively promote a good work-life balance. We are convinced that the award and implementation of the planned measures will provide our employees with optimal support in their day-to-day work and that we will be able to position ourselves even better as an employer in the long term.

Many thanks for the interview!


The “berufundfamilie” award recognizes companies and organizations for their outstanding achievements in the area of work-life balance. It is based on an initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation and is under the patronage of Lisa Paus, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth. The award-winning institutions actively and sustainably commit to creating a family-friendly and life-phase-oriented working environment. This can be reflected in flexible working time models, support for childcare, home office options, and other family-friendly initiatives. Holders of the “berufundfamilie” award are committed to taking measures to support employees in balancing professional obligations with family and life-phase-oriented responsibilities. Award-winning companies are re-audited at regular intervals.