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7. marts 2024
3 Minutes
Training und Coaching bei Arineo.

Three coaches, one goal: further development at Arineo.

From developing professional skills, expanding specific abilities, or improving soft skills to achieving personal goals, further development is always a very personal matter. To enable our colleagues to achieve a high level of personal development, we have three coaches on hand - Verena Heyn, Astrid Selke, and Felicitas Stollfuß. In our interview, they explain what types of coaching are offered and how they are conducted at our company.

Dear Astrid, Felicitas, and Verena, with your expertise, we have three coaches on board. You studied psychology and now work in personnel development at Arineo.
In what context do coaching sessions take place at Arineo?

Verena: Coaching sessions at Arineo typically take place as part of our personnel development program. For example, Felicitas and Astrid accompany colleagues during MapsTell coaching sessions. The MapsTell tool describes a person’s individual behavior impartially using a map metaphor. We use this tool within Arineo for personnel and team development. During discussions about colleagues’ MapsTell profiles, development areas often emerge, which individuals can then work on further with us during coaching sessions. In general, the duration and frequency of our coaching sessions vary greatly depending on the individual’s topic and needs. We always adapt to the employees and the situation, which is why we do not define a uniform framework for our coaching sessions.

Astrid: A second important component of our personnel development is the Development Center, which serves as an individual assessment of specific skills. Anyone interested in a role as a contractual partner goes through the Development Center. In the Arineo model of cooperative organization, they serve as points of contact for contractual matters, support the development of their colleagues, and, if necessary, conduct conflict discussions. In short, they represent the company in the contractual employment relationship between Arineo and its employees. Following the Development Center, people participate in individual coaching sessions, which we conduct over several weeks. During these coaching sessions, we work with individuals to address the development areas identified in the Development Center.

What are typical development areas?

Felicitas: This is very specific and different for each person. In a MapsTell coaching session, topics such as stress management, conflict resolution skills, and personal impact are frequently discussed. Regarding the Development Center, we typically address topics such as communication skills, emotional competence, questioning techniques, and reflective abilities. However, sometimes additional coaching topics arise from the annual feedback and development discussions with employees.

Astrid: Generally speaking, all employees can also reach out to us at any time outside of these contexts. We then assess individually and situationally how we can support each person. Depending on the topic, this can also lead to us referring employees to the external consulting firm INSITE, with whom we work, as required. This is available to all employees for addressing issues of any kind in both a professional and personal context. The counseling provided is free and anonymous, meaning there is no feedback given to Arineo as an employer.

What techniques and methods do you use in your coaching sessions?

Verena: In our coaching sessions with colleagues, we aim to encourage a shift in perspective and ask open-ended questions to prompt them to think and reflect. Techniques include active listening or mirroring perceptions. One method we often utilize, especially at the beginning, is the method of status quo vs. target analysis. Initially, we discuss the current situation with the person and derive a goal or desired target state from it. We then establish specific steps to achieve this goal.
What contribution does coaching make to the company’s success?

Felicitas: Our goal is for all employees to perceive us as partners who take their concerns seriously and provide tailored support. The coaching process contributes to achieving individual goals and fostering development. This benefits Arineo as a company because employee satisfaction resulting from personal growth positively impacts overall business success.

Thank you all for the insights into coaching at Arineo.