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20. December 2023
4 Minutes

Arineo receives the workandfamily audit certificate

The Göttingen-based IT service provider has received the workandfamily audit certificate and has thus been honored for its family and life-phase-conscious personnel policy.
Arineo mit dem Zertifikat berufundfamilie ausgezeichnet. 2 Personen halten Zertifikat in den Händen.

[Göttingen, 20.12.2023] Arineo GmbH receives the workandfamily audit certificate for the first time for the strategic design of its family and life-phase-conscious personnel policy. The certificate, which serves as a quality seal for corporate policies promoting work-life balance, is awarded by the board of trustees of berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

“In times of a shortage of skilled workers, balancing work and family life is becoming increasingly important. We are delighted with the successful certification. It confirms that we are on the right track in this area and has helped us identify further development potential,” comments Jennifer Emrich, recruiter at Arineo GmbH. “This recognition is the result

Logo Zertifikat audit berufundfamilie 2023

of our efforts to promote a flexible and family-friendly working culture that is in harmony with our employees’ life phases.”

During the audit, the family and life-phase-conscious measures already offered are identified, and the company-specific potential is systematically developed further. The existing measures to reconcile work, family, and personal life at the Göttingen-based IT service provider include the creation of a working time model with flexible working hours, enabling remote work, and assuming leadership responsibilities even in part-time positions.
“For the coming years, we have an agenda of measures that we will now develop and expand. Among other things, we want to redesign the return and integration of our employees after a prolonged absence, such as parental leave, long-term illness, or sabbatical,” explains Sarah Peters, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and HR Officer at Arineo GmbH. The company will have to measure itself against the results in the coming years. Peters looks confidently into the future: “As we continue to strive to be an excellent employer and care about the well-being of our employees, I already anticipate a re-audit in three years.”

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More information

The workandfamily audit and the family-friendly audit university

The workandfamily audit and the family-friendly audit university is the central offering of berufundfamilie Service GmbH and is based on an initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. As a strategic management tool, the audit supports employers in sustainably designing family and life-phase-conscious personnel policies and family-friendly research and study conditions. Certificates for the workandfamily audit were first awarded in 1999. The family-friendly audit university has been offered since 2002. Applicable in all industries and various company sizes, the audit captures the status quo of existing family and life-phase-conscious measures, systematically develops company-specific potential, and ensures that family awareness is anchored in the corporate culture with binding target agreements. After successfully completing this process, an independent board, prominently composed of representatives from business, academia, politics, and associations, decides on the issuance of the audit certificate. The practical implementation is reviewed annually by berufundfamilie Service GmbH. After every three years, further personnel goals can be agreed twice as part of re-audits. Followed this, (for the first time after nine years), the dialog process begins. Only upon successful completion of the dialog process may the employer continue with the certificate. Since 1998, around 1900 employers have been awarded the audit certificate. Berufundfamilie Service GmbH holds the European license for the audit, which is recommended by the leading associations of the German economy – BDA, BDI, DIHK, and ZDH. Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Lisa Paus MdB, is the audit patron.

Berufundfamilie Service GmbH

Berufundfamilie Service GmbH is a service provider and think tank in the area of work-life balance. It successfully supports companies, institutions, and universities in implementing sustainable family and life-phase-conscious personnel policies and in creating family-friendly research and study conditions. Its central offering is the workandfamily audit and family-friendly audit university, initiated by the non-profit Hertie Foundation. The audit is the strategic management tool that employers use to set up their HR policy in a family and life-phase-conscious manner and to strengthen their attractiveness as employers. Since 1998, around 1900 employers have been awarded the audit certificate.

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Jennifer Emrich and Sarah Peters are delighted with the certificate.

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