7. juli 2022
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Castolin relies on Arineo, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert

Arineo wins new major customer: Castolin Eutectic and the IT service provider from Göttingen start cooperation in Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Azure.
Gruppenfoto mit Castolin und Arineo Mitarbeitenden.

Arineo is delighted to expand its customer portfolio with Castolin Eutectic, a world leader in innovative welding, brazing, and coating technologies that are successfully used in maintenance, surface protection, and special joints. In key industries such as cement, iron, steel, oil, and gas, Castolin Eutectic’s international application specialists are valued consultants. Their goals are to optimize their diverse customers’ production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Founded in 1906, the company relies not only on its industry expertise but also on a diverse network of locations with more than 10 production sites, 20 service centers, and 31 sales and customer service branches worldwide.

The challenge: combining high growth with industrial sustainability

Castolin Eutectic’s goal is to strengthen its business in the coming years and, thus, ensure further growth. With this growth strategy, sustainability is given a particularly high priority: with the mission “Pioneering Industrial Sustainability”, Castolin is striving, for example, to increase the reusability of consumables, offer value-added services, and improve service workshops.

The Power Package of Castolin

The goals: optimized customer service, improved responsiveness and reliability, and a fast time to market

To ensure sustainable expansion in the service and product development categories, Castolin Eutectic is investing in the roll-out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management, as well as Dynamics for Sales, and Dynamics 365 Field Service in over 20 countries. For the extensive CRM and ERP project, Castolin relies on the experienced team of Arineo GmbH: “We are creating growth and sustainability in the industry with the help of a highly efficient ERP system, to meet all future requirements and the particulars of cross-cultural challenges. For us, Arineo is the perfect choice of partner for a long-term, trusting, and high-quality collaboration,” explains Nobert Finger, Chief Financial Officer of Castolin Eutectic.

Arineo is looking forward to the challenges of the new project, which covers the entire spectrum of sales, production, logistics, finance, and service: “Thanks to a global template approach and the worldwide Microsoft Azure architecture from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Castolin Eutectic will in future benefit from uniform processes on a central database with 24/7 real-time reporting,” summarizes Leandro Meermeier, Sales Director Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Arineo GmbH.

About Arineo

Arineo GmbH accompanies medium-sized companies on the way to digitization – from the choice of the appropriate solution combination, its deployment, to operation and support. In doing so, Arineo relies on future-proof technologies from Microsoft: Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Storefront, and Modern Workplace, as well as Data Analytics. If required, these are supplemented by artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT technologies to leverage real competitive advantages for companies. Arineo GmbH is an Employee Owned Company (EOC) based in Göttingen. Thanks to its innovative ownership structure, Arineo can keep all the capital that it generates within the company and invest it in the training of its teams, the expansion of its range of services, and the continuous improvement of its service quality. This benefits customers and staff alike.

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Leandro Meermeier
Leandro Meermeier
Sales Manager and Member of the Executive Management Board