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6. juli 2022
3 Minutes
Person an einem Tisch sitzen. Silke Masurat, Top-Job

From the heart but with a strong strategy

This year, Arineo was awarded the title of best employer by TOP JOB. To stand at the top of the winner’s podium when taking part for the very first time is more than remarkable. We asked Silke Masurat, managing director of zeag GmbH and responsible for the TOP JOB seal, what makes Arineo a special employer for her.

Can you briefly describe what TOP JOB is exactly?

TOP JOB is known at the national level as the leading quality seal for employers. In fact, it is much more than that. It is a tool that makes it easy for companies to become, or remain, first-class employers. This is because we examine the companies for the award very closely, for example via an employee survey. Thus, the participants learn how they can further improve their qualities as an employer – no matter what level they are already at. Above all, it is also a clear statement by the company that employer attractiveness is a major priority and to anchor it strategically. So you can rely on TOP JOB award-winning employers in the long term.

What do you base the questions on that company employees are asked as part of TOP JOB?

The employee survey was developed for us by the Institute for Human Resources Management and Leadership at the University of St. Gallen and is based on scientific knowledge. We focus on six areas that are firstly of interest to potential applicants, secondly aimed at staff retention, and thirdly relevant to performance. This makes it easier for employers to find new employees, and they also succeed in making employees fans and, as a result of better interaction, more productive. For example, it’s about the culture of trust that shapes the way we work together, the freedom I’m given as an employee, the appreciation I experience, and the perspectives I personally see in the company. We also measure the dynamics in the company, because good people love fast-paced companies that are charged with productive energy.

What quality criteria does the TOP JOB jury use to judge the companies?

It varies a lot, and that’s one of the strengths of the high-caliber, mixed jury. From the TOP JOB analysis, we provide figures on the six areas, describe the HR work, and explain the company specifics. The jurors then discuss the findings. Depending on their perspective, they bring different aspects to the discussion. For example, Dagmar Wöhrl, a well-known investor from the German equivalent of “Shark Tank”, sees things differently than former employer’s president Prof. Dieter Hundt, or “Rebel at Work” initiator Dr. Peter Kreutz. That makes it exciting every year.

What were the decisive criteria for Arineo to win in its category?

On the one hand, the employee survey achieved top scores. At the same time, the underlying HR structure is a great fit – not too much and not too little. This shows that Arineo staff do not just follow their hearts, but that the company also takes a very strategic approach. This indicates a stable, long-term employer attractiveness. And the jury also honored the young company’s courage in breaking new ground – such as the Employee Owned Company concept – and successfully following this path.

From your point of view, what makes Arineo a special employer?

I have found Arineo to be exceptionally authentic. It is really very impressive how consistently and stringently the company pursues its concept and vision. In every single contact, no matter the topic, I have always seen the all-determining seriousness with which everything is directed towards the individual in the company. There seems to be a clear premise to always connect with individuals where they are, to accept people as they are, to give them the freedom they need, and to support individuals resolutely in reaching the goals they have set for themselves. At Arineo, they are clearly on a shared journey.