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5. august 2021
1 Minute

Arineo donates €20,000 for victims of the flood disaster

Arineo supports those affected by the flood disaster. The €20,000 donation will be divided between organizations in Germany and Austria.
Herz in zwei Händen.

The flood disaster in parts of Germany and Austria has left many people shocked and stunned. Many people lost their belongings in the disaster. Arineo GmbH wants to help those affected and is therefore donating €20,000 to German and Austrian organizations.

€15,000 will go to “HelpDirect e.V.”, an association based in the Rhineland that supports local organizations. A further €5,000 will be handed over to the Austrian Caritas to support an emergency aid program for people affected by the floods.  

The donation money comes from the “Employees Recruit Employees” program, which benefits Arineo’s workforce. The employees wasted no time deciding to donate the money to the victims of the flood disaster instead.

„When we learned about the disaster, we were very concerned,” says Dr. Marko Weinrich, managing director of Arineo GmbH. “We quickly realized that we wanted to help. On the initiative of our employees, we spontaneously decided to help the people in the affected regions. In times of crisis, it’s important to stick together..”