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18. august 2021
3 Minutes
Arineo Mitarbeiterin Simone Beckmann.

Simone, what do you say about “equality at Arineo”?

As a working professional and a mother, it can often be difficult to juggle work and family. Of course, the situation is no different for fathers. At Arineo, we try to support our employees with flexible working hours and mobile working. We asked our colleague Simone Beckmann, who works as a dispatcher for us, how she feels about equality at Arineo.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “equality at Arineo”?

Simone: Basically, I think it’s appalling that this is still a topic today. But at the end of the day, it’s important that every company talks about it and shines a light on it. And we do that!

Do men and women have the same opportunities at Arineo?

I definitely feel that this is the case. I have never witnessed anyone not being considered for a position because of their gender. What matters are the skills.

In your opinion, are all genders equal at Arineo?

Simone: Arineo is the first company where I regularly see fathers taking parental leave. I started my professional career at a time when this was unthinkable. And when fathers first starting taking parental leave a few years ago, some people turned up their noses. For me, this was also a change in personnel work. But after becoming a mother myself, I realized how important fathers are to our children.

At Arineo, I think it is natural for a father to take time for his little ones.

Are there any disadvantages for you as a woman?

Simone: This is where I really have to think. No, I have no disadvantages.

Are there advantages for you as a woman?

Simone: Yes, absolutely!

Can you balance work and family life well?

Simone: I am a mother, partner, housekeeper, elderly caregiver, and have a 35-hour job at Arineo. And without the flexibility in working hours offered to me by Arineo, at least two of these would suffer massively.

What advantages does Arineo offer you in terms of work-life balance?

Simone: Flexible working hours. I always try to structure these and work within a fixed framework. But everyone knows that in everyday life, something unexpected can always come up, especially if you have children. And here, I simply have options that greatly reduce my stress levels and look after my health. If I have a specialist appointment at 10 a.m., I can keep it without any problems. If my child is sick, I can work from home without any problems. If I have to take my 90-year-old mother-in-law to the hairdresser in the afternoon, it’s not an issue at all. And if I don’t feel so well, maybe I have a cold but don’t necessarily have to be in bed, I can easily continue with home office. For me, these are already huge advantages!

How do you think Arineo implements the question of equality?

Simone: I have nothing to complain about here. A lot is being done right here and where there are shortcomings, they are being worked on.

Where would you like to see Arineo do a better job of implementing equality?

Simone: I would like to see more women in our coordinator groups.

Many thanks for the interview!