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6. september 2023
3 Minutes
IT Ausbildung bei Arineo

Like IT. Learn IT. Love IT.

After a successful final exam, a permanent position is in sight. Depending on the department in which the training takes place, the young people become professionals in the creation, expansion, and the maintenance of e-business solutions such as web stores or software solutions for the resource planning of a company (ERP systems). A small insight into their training at Arineo in Göttingen is provided by Adrian Hitsch and Alexandra Wolpers.

What fascinates you about your training in IT?

Adrian: “I’ve been excited about technology since I was a little boy. When I got my first laptop, I quickly started to discover programming for myself. Programming to me is about creating new things, similar to crafting. The possibility of turning an idea into reality always fascinates me. The most exciting thing for me is the constant learning and development. No two days are the same; there are always new technologies and methods to discover.”

What skills do you need for your tasks?

Alexandra: “A variety of skills are needed. In addition to sound knowledge of a programming language such as X++ or Java, you should also have an understanding of databases. In order to make the work with colleagues and customers as effective as possible, teamwork and communication skills are of great importance. Overall, it’s important to be willing to continually learn and embrace new technologies and applications.”

What is your training like?

Adrian: “The training at Arineo is very versatile and exciting. It is a mixture of practical work, where I can immediately apply what I have learned, and theoretical instruction at the vocational school. I am supported by experienced colleagues and my instructors. In addition, Arineo allows me to participate in internal training to constantly expand my knowledge.”

What tasks are you now entrusted with?

Adrian: “Right now, I’m mainly working on software development projects. My tasks are diverse and range from programming and implementing software solutions to debugging (error analysis) and documentation. I also work on troubleshooting optimization of existing systems. In addition, I support other trainees and young professionals.”

Isn’t it boring spending the whole day at the PC?

Alexandra: “No, absolutely not. It is extremely varied and often requires teamwork. This can be very motivating as you work together towards a goal and can learn from each other. In addition, the constant development of technology makes working on the PC interesting and exciting. There are always new challenges and innovations to master.

What do you like most about working for an IT services company?

Adrian: “At Arineo, I particularly like the direct contact with client companies. It is a great experience to develop IT solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer. In addition, there is a very pleasant working atmosphere at Arineo. The team is always helpful and open to new ideas. This combination of technical challenge and human interaction makes my work at Arineo particularly appealing.”

Do you have to be a math wizard to keep up in vocational school?

Alexandra: “Not at all: for school and everyday working life, the skills taught in lower secondary school are sufficient. No one has to be afraid of vocational school. Logical and abstract thinking skills are more important than advanced arithmetic. Coupled with a little creativity, this is enough to design and develop software, even without the assistance of Archimedes and Newton.”

Alexandra Wolpers - Auszubildende bei Arineo

Alexandra Wolpers
is in the third year of apprenticeship, training in information technology
in the field of application development for resource planning systems

Adrian Hitsch - Auszubildender bei Arineo

Adrian Hitsch
is in the third year of apprenticeship, training in information technology
in the area of application development for webshops